Shedding Much More Than Weight

Hubby and I have finally started to take major steps to shed a few pounds,
but what I'm learning is we are both shedding much more than weight. For
the past few years I've been on this spiritual journey and in doing this I've noticed
that I'm shedding many of the things that held me down in the past (fear, stress, impatience).
Everyday since we've been together I've told hubby how sexy is he and now I see that
he truly feels it. We have both shed that nasty fear and we've kicked stress to the curb.
We are no longer boggled down with the technicalities of "things." Simplification has
walked into our lives and we are better for it.

Things that use to haunt hubby from his childhood are now distant memories. He's shed doubt
of himself and has gained a strong sense of self-esteem. He now loves himself as God loves him
and for me that is the greatest gift of all!

And the weight issue? Hubby has lost a whopping 10 pounds and I've lost 7! To many that
may not be much, but to us it's Ginormous!

We are losing weight along with all the negative emotions that once ruled us
and we're gaining a strong sense of self worth, love, peace, simplicity and spirituality.

That my friends is what I call...A True Blessing. :)

May your weekend be a safe and joyful one!



  1. Congratulations to both you you that is wonderful (no more cookies for ya'll lol I am not going to be the one that gets blamed LOL) Wonderful for the personal spiritual journey too. You always amaze me :-)

  2. Wow that's awesome!! Good job on your weight loss and on your spiritual journey! I too am trying to lose some weight that I've put on during my pregnancies and miscarriages. I know, for me, that losing just this little bit of weight really helps with my self-esteem. I've lost 5 pounds in the past month and I'm feeling really good about myself!

  3. I call that a true blessing too. Hoo-ray for both of you. I hope you have a great memorial weekend. Blessings to you.

  4. What a wonderful post. I've restarted my weigh loss journey today. I hope that I can shed the weight that I hide behind & let the real me come out!

  5. Congratulations! On all your losses.

  6. Darsden: As I said before do NOT stop sending the cookies. I would hate to jump on my scooter to head your way. Do you think I'd make it on a full charge? LOL

    Yaya: Way to go on the 5 pounds my friend! That's awesome! thank you for spending time with me on my blog. :)

    Molly: You truly make me smile. I wish you a very blessed weekend!!

    Mimi: I wish you much success on your weight loss journey. I know you can do it!!

    Relyn: Thank you so much dear heart!!

  7. Congratulations to both of you! Thanks for some much needed motivation too :)

  8. I definitely need to get back to my walking. In the last year or so I have lost 40 lbs and gained back 10 I have started working on those ten. I will be cleaning out my daughter's old room so that I can move my bike and treadmill in there. I just have to move a few things right now to get to either one and of course that dissuades me from doing it at all.

    Spiritual journeys are wonderful. You learn so much and it is always such a blessing. My spirit was craving more from God recently and I am still sucking it in like air. I feel my walk with God is slowly getting back to what it once was when I was around your age. I was so busy trying to do things my way that I didn't even notice how much my Spirit was hurting and missing my Lord. When I realized it I couldn't and still haven't got enough of it. You have to keep feeding your Spirit.

    I hope your having a great weekend!

  9. congrats on the weight loss and the life gain xx

  10. Losing that weight is a true accomplishment! To some, 10 and 7 pounds don't sound like much, but if you are married to a good cook or like to cook yourself, it is a VERY big loss and VERY hard to do!

  11. Happy shedding sweetheart! :)

  12. Wonderful how we can Toss out and still GAIN MORE...
    more understanding...
    more peace...
    MORE MORE MORE!!!! :)

  13. Wonderful post and so very positive!

  14. you affirm what I believe to be true. the weight is a symptom of other stuff weighing us down. What amazing courage you guys have to face the 'stuff'-it's so much harder to do that than just deal with the weight itself.

    congrats! I'm so happy and proud for you guys!

  15. Tabitha:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. This post made me smile. You, my friend, are one liberated girl! And I LOVE that! You've inspired me today, and I can tell that you are an inspiration to many others, as well.

    Keep up the good work. You are absolutely right...7 pounds is GINORMOUS!! I'm so proud of you.


  16. Lovely to find you after you left such a kind comment on my blog!

    These thoughts are've come to realize that so much of what we carry with us is "extra baggage" that we really have no need or use for and all it does is hold us back. Losing that weight carries over into everything else in life.

    ^5 to you and your husband and sending you encouraging thoughts as you continue on this journey. Having the right attitude is everything and seems to me you've both got that one figured out!

  17. Dear heart Tabitha and Hubby-
    Congratulations! this is big, bold step and I am celebrating this shift with you.

    Might I add a note of awareness here. I've always believed that many of us put on weight to protect ourselves. Another layer of pounds actually insulates us from the world, our issues, or those who have hurt us. When we begin to move toward wholeness and we are no longer in need of "stuffing" our feelings, when growth is the desire of the day, then pounds begin to peel off. Often quite effortlessly.

    I had a dear friend who gained 50 pounds while working for a very toxic, controlling man. Once she quit, every single one of those pounds melted off with no effort! No dieting! She was shocked. It's amazing what can happen when we allow ourselves to heal—as you share so beautifully here. :-) Again, congrats to you both! xoxo


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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