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For a few years now I've heard Joyce Meyer say, "if you feel convicted." I never truly knew what it meant, because I hadn't experienced it yet. Remember I said yet, but I absolutely know what it means to feel convicted now. What I mean is although I've always been a compassionate person there was a time I was lost. I didn't understand that I was not in control and because of this I said some hurtful things to those in my past. People who I knew were just passing through, so I honestly thought it didn't matter. I said "I Love You" when I knew I truly did not feel this way, but they did. This is how they became hurt by me. Another thing is I had a very very bad potty mouth. I grew up in a family of cussers and so I learned that behavior. It's been a struggle, but there has been great changes. Everyday is a struggle and a clean canvas to do the right thing for me.

My weight issue is another thing I've felt convicted about, because NOW I know that this is something I must do. Not only for my health, but because this body is a gift and He lives within me. Because I believe He lives within me so strongly every part of me wants and needs to Clean House. I'm more aware of what He wants from me and for me, so it has been very easy to get up and exercise. I'm very proud of this! The gym was not designed for the disabled, so I have to be very creative. No Problemo! I've been exercising for 15 minutes daily and watching my portions. I am NOT forbidding myself the things I love, but I am removing somethings that I just know will never help me reach my goal (like sodas). Moderation is key!

I've also realized that for a time I was lying to myself. I would say "I am beautiful" or "I love me," but I wasn't truly feeling this. Realization #1: I must love me as God loves me, because He does not make mistakes. Realization #2: I was created by Him, therefore I am His masterpiece. I am just as He intended me to be. But, in saying this we must not use this as an excuse to abuse our bodies by neglecting it (gaining or losing too much weight). Everyday there's a new lesson. Everyday there's a chance to get it right. Everyday there's an opportunity to see our mistakes and change them. Everyday there's forgiveness from the things that may make us feel convicted.



  1. Inspiring, as always :) I need to sort out some of my convictions. In a big way.

  2. I love how He gives us the convictions and then gives us the strength and power to act on them through His Spirit!

  3. Tabby, thank you, I can't wait to get my copy of your wonderful To Do list and 10 Commandments! I need something to keep me going in a positive direction!

  4. Diane: Thank you and I wish you well

    JMBMOMMY: Amen!

    Old Dame Penniwig: It is my deepest pleasure my friend :)

    Caroline: Thank You!

  5. inspiring post! everyday we are born anew and we have a chance to improve!It's important to remember this always!

  6. Totally awesome post...

  7. Great post Tabitha! We all have regrets on our actions or words. I am just so happy that if you can and you want to you can change it. Someone just asked me the other day about something. I told her if she is feeling conviction over it then it is wrong. Period. She said that really helped her.

    When I am feeling conviction I always try to do my best to change it. If it's a behavior I must say it is harder to overcome especially when you are in the habit. But if you work on it you can do it.

    Hope your having a blessed day!

  8. Congratulations to the Winners :-)
    I struggle too Tabitha, so you are not alone in this quest.
    (I can't promise I won't ever NOT send cookies again ;-))

  9. Great post (as always). I've started exercising and eating better and it's amazing how much better I feel about myself now.

  10. Sema: So true!

    An Imperfect Perfection: Thank You Tons!!

    Valerie: I agree with you. A behavioral change is much harder, but very possible. I'm so glad you can relate to how I was feeling!

    Darsden: PLEASE PLEASE Don't stop sending me cookies!!!! :)

    Yaya: Exercising is fabulous! It indeed lifts your mood 100% :)

  11. I understand about the frustration over weight issues...I struggle with this too!

    I do love how I feel when I exercise though!

    Thanks for your wonderful attitude!

  12. Empowering. I saw Joyce Meyers for the first time early Monday morning. What power and wise energy she has!

  13. Most of all, Tabitha, I value your honesty. I too have told myself I was loved, felt beautiful, etc. And at times, I really meant it. But then the belief starts to slip and slide. And I have to go back to my Father and refill the well--get back to the basics of seeing myself through my Father's eyes . .. thank you for your example of tender humility.

  14. you provide inspiration for so many with these words and affirm what I think we all need to hear: we are beautiful and worthy.

    and shhh...don't tell anyone but I am cutting WAY down on sodas too!! (like from 3-4 a day to 3-4 a week). And ya know what-I feel amazing.

    rock on girlie!


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