A Blessing On Tuesday

Morning Thoughts:
*I'm so grateful
*I love the quiet within my home
*God is Good
*It's Beautiful Outside

The Blessing: A few weeks ago I told you guys how we found out the Stat of Louisiana owed hubby over $700 bucks. They stated to us it would take 60 days before he would receive said check. Last night our three year old vehicle decided it would not shift into gear for hubby to get home. After he called and told me I prayed. I told God we don't have the money to have the car repaired, so I needed him to step in.

Princess Charlie went to retrieve our mail from the mailbox and OMG the check from the State was here!!!

He knew this would happen and orchestrated everything in His time. Each day I learn a new lesson. In the past this would have sent me into full panic mode, but today I can honestly give it to God and Believe He won't let me fall.

This morning our vehicle is being towed to the dealership and hopefully the problem is minor and the $700 will cover it. I'm believing it will!

Today I'm Grateful:
*For a new day
*God's blessings
*Our Health
*Peace of mind
*Unconditional Love and Mercy

*UPDATED@11:21 AM*
Once the tow guy arrived he noticed our car was parked on a downward slope, so he shook the front of the car, hubby got in, started it and IT SHIFTED INTO GEAR!!! He said it did that because of how it was parked.

I'm SO Over The Top Filled With Joy!!!


  1. I'm nearly certain it will. Isn't God good? All the time!

  2. Praise the Lord, he answers all. Wow, how wonderful for the check to have come early. Even more wonderful to find the problem to the car without repairs. Happy Day Happy Happy Day :-))

  3. Ask and you shall receive is the story of my life and yours! Excellent! Love how this all works.

  4. God is good and he knew you needed that money for something more important...God is good.

  5. Oh phew!! So you don't need to have the car fixed?

  6. KA POW...Miracles keep on coming!

  7. WOW! I wonder why it did that! Now you have the $700 to spend on other things! Yay!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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