Day 7: Act of Love - Uplifting Mail

Hello My Lovely Blog Friends!

I'm very excited today, because the order we placed with Oriental Trading arrived this morning. That means we'll be getting goody bags together pronto! They will be delivered to Methodist Children's hospital this upcoming Tuesday. I thought that would be the perfect day since the beautiful child we are honoring is named Tuesday Whitt.

Now to the regularly scheduled 28 Acts of Love! Today, I am headed to the post office to deliver a bag full of "Uplifting Mail" to kids all over the states.

I did say it was a bag filled with mail. :)

Each kid is receiving a Vday card, activity book and XOXO book marker.

I'm known by my first name over at the post office. Sometimes I think they love me and other times I think they wish I would move to a newer location. LOL

Well, I have to get going! The family and I are going to have a little fun outdoors today!

Have A Fun Filled Weekend My Friends!!


  1. I am sure you are so appreciated by all the kids you do such wonderful things for. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. I am glad to be back online, finally! I have missed my internet friends.

  2. Wow! I have chills. You are so inspiring. Thank you for doing this and inspiring all of us to go out of our way more to make a difference.... :) HUGS!

  3. What a wonderful gift YOU are Tabitha! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Lovely, as usual! I have given you an award on my blog :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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