Day 26: Send Love Today

Last year I signed up for another organization, which is very similar to Make A Child Smile, but they cater to children and adults with brain tumors. They are called Send Love Today and their goal is to get uplifting cards to the children and adults who are currently living with Brain Tumors.

This organization was started by two sisters after one of the founders Linda Thomas' husband Stacy lost his battle to brain cancer in 2004. Throughout his illness, Sandi and other family members sent cards to Stacy as a form of love and encouragement. Stacy began to look forward to receiving these cards, and they became the bright spots in his otherwise pain-filled life. When Stacy passed away, it became extremely important to Linda to make something positive come out of this tragedy. Thus, Linda and Sandi developed the idea for Send Love Today, which is a volunteer-based program meant to bring some amount of joy to brain tumor patients in the form of homemade cards and small gifts.

This month my daughter and I have adopted three beautiful girls and one female adult ALL living with some form of brain tumor. For the adult I'm sending her a card with an introduction letter. I'm sending these to the girls:

I'm shinning LOVE on Kacey @ Chronicles of a Mommy. This woman has a HUGE heart! She cares about others and sincerely wants to make a difference. At a time when the majority of the world is using the economy as a reason not to help others Kacey is doing the complete opposite. She recently ordered inscribed pencils and spin tops to go within our goody bags for us! Because of her sweet heart, passion for helping others and authenticity I present Kacey with this bouquet of flowers. ☺

Kacey, YOU ROCK and I'm so grateful that we were placed on one another's path!!!!


  1. If love had a face, it would be yours :)

  2. Thank you! You have made my day! You are just so precious and I really value that our paths have crossed as well!! YOU ROCK and deserve all of the fowers in the world. It's peole like you Miss Tabitha and your family that make this world a better place.

    Much Love,

    Kacey R.

  3. You and your daughter are just too sweet and such good doers. The world sure does need a lot more of you two!

  4. What a wonderful thing you do! Thank you for sharing the links.

  5. Oh what a wonderful thing to do. The thing I love about you more than anything is that you are a doer. You just don't talk about spreading love and goodness, you go out there and do it!! How wonderful for your daughter she has a mother like you to lead her and show her the right way to live. Love you Tabitha and your goodness is contagious and spreads. Email me your address I would like to send you a goody bag for you both, Australian style.

  6. What a wonderful and giving thing you do!

    BTW: tag, you're it. Got a feeling you'll enjoy this one.


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