Day 5: Act of Love for Niece

I purchased this key from a very dear friend who sells jewelry and purses. When I first saw the key for some reason I thought of God and just had to have it. It was only $8, but its meaning for me is priceless. Because I thought of God when I first saw it I call it "the key to his heart." I wear it everyday without fail. When I look at it I smile, because I know he's Always with me.

Well, my act of love today is I sent a key to my oldest niece. She admired it so much and truly loved my thinking behind wearing it. She had wished out loud that she had one and now she will! I was going to give it to her at her graduation in May, but why wait?

I can't wait to hear her reaction when she gets it! I'll let you all know how it went when she receives it!

6 Awesome Things:

1. The sound of my daughter's laughter
2. Mandarin oranges
3. Cuddle time with hubby
4. Music, music and more music
5. Knowing I'm blessed and receiving my blessings with open arms
6. YOU!

Peace & Love,


  1. A very sweet gesture, Tabitha. I do hope she loves it. Happy days of love.

  2. hi there girlie! i love this idea. the key is so symbolic isn't it? i mean the key to life and everything is all in the amazing god we worship. what a great and meaningful necklace for your niece!

    i love your awesome things...we are very laughing has got to be the happiest thing in the world! and well, everything else you said...except my you is, well, you!!!

  3. I am so absolutely honored and happy to know you, sweet Tabby! :)

  4. Love that! Your Niece will be so surprised and happy...what an impact this will make on her life. You are a dear heart!

  5. Ouch! It's hard to part with something like that that you love...even to someone you kind of you...your niece will be thrilled! Sometimes after I have given something treasured away, I actually feel more contented.

    Love that on the key there is a crown -- King of Kings! Prince of Peace! Wonderful Counselor!

  6. so very beautiful to give of your heart to someone you love so so doing the love just grows...for the more love we give the more we are filled and filled...

    your blog is lovely...another way you give deeply of your heart...

  7. Love the key and the meaning behind it!

    I love Mandarin oranges too and I hope you still get to eat them this season because Florida has had three hard freezes and the groves are in danger! It was 24 in Cetral FLorida last night! BRRRRRRRR!

  8. I love the idea of this too - this is a meaningful gift and I am sure she loves it. You are so thoughtful - just beautiful.

  9. Your key necklace is a lovely symbol of giving the key of our hearts to God.
    I love that idea!
    Wish I knew where to get one!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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