Day 27

The Dark:
Once again our lovely Postal Service will be increasing the shipping fees this year. I know normally I post kind and caring words, but I am Totally UPSET about this! We use the postal system OFTEN (like twice a week) for sending out our goody bags and uplifting mail. We struggle with the fees as they are now AND to add insult to injury they are increasing fees on May 11th. It breaks my heart when people want to do good and are bombarded with opposition.

The Light:
I Believe. I KNOW God will make a way. This will not STOP us in any way!

*Thank you for allowing me to vent*

With All Of My Heart,


  1. Count me in. And you give us special words every time we come here! Sorry to hear about postal charges. It's the same here. Outrageous. Think about what we could use your idea and spread it around the blogoshere.

  2. *Paula puts her hand up from the other end of the same continent* ~grin~

  3. I know what you mean about the Postal Service. The thing I don't like is that just one postal worker took the time with me to explain I could save a lot of money by keeping the weight of my packages below 13 ounces when possible or using an envelope below a certain size instead of a box. The others would not even answer when I asked what I could do to keep the price down.

    As to your challenge!!! I do try to live it, as best I can. Being short on money, I try to share what possessions I have left, I try to be friendly and polite to all, I try to act responsibly in all my hours of the day, I try to lend a hand on the Internet, etc. I applaud you for trying to "light a fire" under those who have not realized that they can make such a difference by a few actions!

    "And if everyone lit, just one little candle, what a bright world this would be"!!!

  4. Are there any charitable organizations that will help with the mailing costs?

  5. Genie, not that I know of. But, today I downgraded our cable and cellphone plans to use that extra money on shipping costs. :)

  6. Costs of everything are going up and it's horrible! It is so expensive to ship things! I sent something to Canada and it cost me a small fortune!

  7. The love you give will come back to you dearest Tabitha... it is a a wave... a tide... It has no choice...but to return... in ever growing magnitude...

    Thank you for all you do,

    Be not discouraged... There will be a way,

    Much love, M

  8. Not only an increase in OUR prices...but do you know that the head postmaster is getting a BIG huge pay raise and a BONUS!!! Yes, even while the post office is going in the red!?
    MMMM...I could not run my businesses like that...
    Awful just awful! So, yes...we have totally been on the RESERVE and Preserve a penny, anywhere you can!

    So sorry that the cost increases will impact you Tabby!


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