Day 8: Receiving and Sharing The Love

This morning I was awarded the lovely award below by Genie Sea. I'm truly feeling extra excited about this, because just the other day the lovely Gypsy awarded me the same award!! How cool is that for Karma (the good kind that is)!

This award is about Great Attitude and Gratitude!

So, today as my act of love I'm going to share this award with other uplifting and inspiring blog friends!
You do NOT have to do anything, but accept this award knowing you are appreciated and loved. :)

A Thorn Among Roses
Jessie @ Diary of a Self-Portrait
Maithri @ The Soaring Impulse (Love Him!)
The Muse @ A Diva's Hammer...Wielded By The Muse (Adore Her!)
Chris @ Life...or a reasonable facsimile thereof (SO Inspiring!)
Share World Love (She's Awesome!)
Brandi @ Dandelion Seeds (For Love Notes)
Ask Grandma J (She Rocks!)

Ok, I have many more I could name, but then I'd get ran out of blog land for taking up too much space. LOL
Please visit these wonderful blogs and experience them as I do each new day. In sheer Bliss!

Peace & Love


  1. I love you back!!

    Congratulations on the award and thanks so much for being the light and the inspiration you are!


  2. aren't you just the sweetest thing on the planet? thank you sooo much!

    comes at a good time...i just read on the McClenahan's blog that baby cora passed away this morning. i am just broken before the lord...broken. and you, my new friend, with all your joy spreading and love, makes that load lighter.

    cora's parents blog:

  3. Hello dear sweet Tabitha! :) Today I am grateful for YOU! For your both your incredible attitude and wonderful support.

    You are such a gift.

    lots of love,

  4. Hi Tabitha, Arrived via Lilly's Life Like what I see.thank you. Will be back !

  5. thank you darlin'!!!

    btw, I love that quote by your neice. that's one smart 15 year old


  6. You deserve awards, recognition, flowers and even a confetti parade for all you do for children and ill adults!!!

  7. Congratulations Tabitha on your award. I will check out the ones you picked! Thanks.

  8. Uplifting post. Love expand by giving and shrinks by capturing.
    Your blog is great.
    Cogratulation and keep going

  9. Hi Tabitha! Congrats on your award! you deserve it!

  10. Congrats! You are so deserving :)

  11. Thank you so much for the very kind mention here. You are an inspiration to all the rest of us out here. You are doing so much good work. Thank you for all the hope you give to so many.

  12. Sweet! Thanks. Made my day!



You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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