Day 13: A Call From Mommy

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Ok, so I'm thirty something and I still refer to my Mother as Mommy. I'm her oldest daughter, yet when I hear her voice every part of me knows I'm still her little girl.

Anyway, for the first 12 days I've been committing Acts of Love towards those I know and know indirectly. But, this morning I believe I received an Act of Love. My mom, who never stays on the phone for more than 10 minutes spent an entire hour talking to me about how she loves me. We talked about God and how I'm growing so close to him and she commented on my being a very good mom to my daughter.

This was all weird for me, because for a few years (ages 17 - 34) my mom use to make me feel as if I was not loved by her. After hurricane Katrina I learned that she was never angry with my sisters and myself. She was angry with my step dad (he left for another woman) and we caught the brunt of her anger. Because, he was no longer living in our family.

Cut back to today. She spoke positive about every subject we touched and she laughed. She laughed! My mom has not laughed since my Grandma passed (July 08). She admitted she was grieving herself sick and now she wants to smile and live her life with joy.

I wanted to do FLIPS!! I had been so afraid she would grieve herself to death and now I hear her saying "I'm Not Leaving Here Anytime Soon!" Woo Hoo!!

This morning I received an Act of Love from my mommy and she didn't even realize it. I told her so and made sure she knew my day would be much brighter all because of HER.

My Mommy

Mother & Daughter Xmas 06


  1. baby steps...and way to see the positive girl! good work

  2. that is wonderful. i love this story-thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh hon, that is great news. But I wish you hadn't had to suffer all those years feeling pushed away by's a lesson to me not to let the same thing happen, not to let anger at something else poison any thing is FER SURE, and that is, that YOU are a loving mom!!!

  4. Thank-you for sharing this wonderful act of love! You are blessed as is your Mommy!

  5. What a beautiful gift. Moms are such special people in our lives, aren't they? I can't imagine my life without mine. I love her so much!


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