Day 19: Hannah's Socks

I read about this spectacular little girl on the internet and was so in awe of her story and her mission.

On a chilly
Thanksgiving Day in 2004, 4-year-old Hannah Turner was helping serve dinner to the needy at Toledo's Cherry Street Mission.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of doing her part to fill plates, she tugged on her mother Doris' sweater.

"Mommy, won't his feet be cold?"

Hannah had focused on a man in line wearing shoes that had split open to reveal he had no socks on, and her small face reflected concern.

Doris tried to reassure her: "His shoes will keep his toes warm." She didn't know how they could help with all staff focused on the meal, and she didn't want her daughter carrying a burden.

Hannah — too smart, too big of heart — was unconvinced.

"Mommy, he can have my socks," she said.

That next day, Doris took Hannah to purchase and distribute socks to local shelters. They were able to collect and donate over 100 pairs around Toledo. Over two more years, and with amazing support from friends and family, they distributed nearly 10,000 total pairs of socks to partner shelters.

I was SO impressed and moved by this child's kindness! So my Act of Love today was to make a donation to Hannah's Socks. What this family is doing is AWESOME and INSPIRING! My day is much brighter knowing there's a Hannah in this world. :)

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  1. what an absolutely lovely story! thank you for sharing!!

  2. What a wonderful jesture. Your love seems to multifpy daily.

  3. that is an awesome story! love that a little girl has not only compassion but action!

  4. And a child shall lead them. How true is that statement....

  5. What a sweetie Hannah is. She's obviously destined for tremendous things, having such a mind and a heart for others at only age 4.

  6. And my day is brighter knowing there is a tabitha in this world,

    Much love, M

  7. I'm so glad you came over from Maithri's!! I do so love that man :).

    This was a beautiful post! I'm leaving here to make a donation for Hannah's socks. I showed the site to my little girl, who was touched. We served dinner to the needy on Christmas Day and she definitely understood how Hannah felt!

    Take care... Diane XO

  8. what a beautiful, loving spirit is flowing out of this blog. you had me engaged when i read your spiritual to do list and can't wait to come peruse your older posts. thanks for sharing your heart....i was blessed by my visit. =D


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