Day 4: Act of Love for an Angel

As you know I decided to do Acts of Love for the 28 days of February. And as you may also know my family and I run a mission where we create goody bags for ill and homeless children. Well my family and I have teamed up with Kacey of Chronicles of a Mommy to honor a very beautiful Angel named Tuesday.

Tuesday lost her battle to cancer on January 30, 2009. She left behind her loving parents, a twin sister and two older brothers.

This Valentine's Day we will be donating goody bags to the patients of the San Antonio Methodist Children's Hospital and we will be doing so in honor of little Tuesday.

My act of love for today is to put the spotlight on Tuesday and the many caring bloggers who are coming together to honor this little princess. With the help of Kacey and other bloggers we are hoping to give goody bags to every child who's currently hospitalized at Methodist Children's Hospital.

This is totally our give, but I am so wishing that the Universe will grant my wish of having my blog land friends join in with us in this very important Act of Love.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to email me Or visit Here to find out how you can help.

Visit Kacey By Clicking On The Button To Receive More Info!


  1. You inspire me every single day,

    Sending you my love dear friend,

    Honoured to know you,


  2. As Tabby wished for herself and this wonderful cause, so I wish for her also.

    So full of LOVE! Yes, indeed I will be showing my support.

  3. As Tabitha wishes for herself and this extra special Act of Love, I wish for her also.

    I have tears in my eyes from reading this.
    You are a beautiful person.
    Peace & blessings to you and little Tuesday's family.

  4. You have such a big heart and beautiful soul...thank you for sharing this today. I must admit, it makes me so sad to see the little ones go...but she must have a bigger role with God...

  5. This is a beautiful blog, Tabitha. So filled with love and very inspiring. I'm so glad I visited here today. May God bless Tuesday's family and grant them peace.

    As Tabitha wishes for herself and these Acts of Love, I wish for her also.

  6. As Tabitha wishes for herself and this special Act of Love, so I wish for her also.

    So sad about Tuesday, so amazingly uplifting the work you do though. Bless you sweetheart.

  7. As Tabitha wishes for herself and all whom she touches, so I wish also.

    You are a blessing, Tabitha.

  8. Hi Tabby...going to go on over to Kacey's page -- what a wondeful idea, those goody bags.

  9. As Tabitha wishes for herself and these children in the name of Love, I wish also.

  10. As Tabitha wishes for herself, Tuesday, all the other souls she touches, so I wish also.

    Peace to the family of dear Tuesday.

    Imagine what the world would be like if it were filled with beautiful & inspirational people like you.

  11. oh, thank you so much for putting a spotlight on this important need. you and your fam rock my face off! and kacey and i talked about how we could help, and then kacey found you! i'm so honored to be working with you! i love it!!!!!

    imagine how amazing things in this world could be if more people loved in the way that you do and honor people by giving their hearts. thank you thank you thank you!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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