Day 3: Act Of Love

Today I left a loving note on my daughter's bedroom door, so when she comes home from school she'll have a message of love awaiting her.

Then, I wrote these "Thank You For Being You" cards to three beautiful women who are a constant support in my life and my mission for spreading smiles to children.

All Done!
The card is there to hide the address. :)

3 Awesome Things:

1. True Love
2. Laughter
3. Music

See You Tomorrow!!!


  1. How sweet! Everyone will be so happy to get your kind notes!

  2. You put the action in love! Love is a verb and you live that!

  3. Beautiful, Tabitha. I can tell you are just the best mom. Such a thoughtful gesture to offer to your daughter especially. These need constant reminders, esp. during those tenuous pre-teen and teen years. My "baby" is now away at college, and whenever I can I text her with a simple, "I love you," or "kisses.' It makes us both feel better.
    All love to you.

  4. Oh, yes, forgot to mention, you are now up on my blog faves. I kept forgetting to do that, what with the busyness of the blog tour and all.

  5. What a lucky daughter you have. If only everyone shared your refreshing view of the world. I am so inspired by your actions and spirit.

  6. So sweet! I want you to be my mom :)

  7. My dearest Tabitha (my daughter's middle name btw)you are truly a breath of fresh air. Continue to be the trailblazer that you are so the world can be a better place.

  8. I love this project you are doing. It is so you. You spread love and joy wherever you go. Much love to you.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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