Day 14: OMG!!!

Hubby and I on VDay 09

OMG!! Can we say Amazing!?!
Hubs outdid himself this time. Today is set up for lovers, but to many its also
simply about LOVE for ALL.

My Act of Love for today was I donated $10 to a little girl scout
outside of Wal-Mart selling cookies. I so wanted the cookies, but opted
out of getting them and just helped her out. (she was adorable!)
I also left a message on a napkin for our waiter at Joe's crab Shack
w/ a nice tip. The message said:

The rest of my AWESOME day went like this!

On our way out

These SO Rock!! (from hubby)

Gift to myself :)

Gift from my princess :) :) :) :)

Gift from Hubs - He SO Rocks!!

More from Hubby *Big Grin*

He Missed Us!!


  1. You humble and inspire me every day my friend,

    I am honoured to share the same sky with one such as you,

    Blessing you and yours with the deepest love and joy,


  2. Happy Valentines Day! What a fantastic and well deserved day you had!

  3. What a great husband and daughter. Happy Valentines Day and those who give love so easily get it back in abundance. And you deserve it so!!

  4. Wow, you got a lot of loot, I'm so happy for you, yer husband is a KEEPER fer sure, he is spoiling you rotten and I'm GLAD!!! I LOVE those bowls and goblets he picked out, the man has taste. You give so much -- glad you RECEIVED!

  5. Fun stuff!!! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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