Day 23: The Little Things

It's simply AMAZING how I've been finding great JOY in the smallest of things! With each new day I am seeing a newer ME and I like her. Not that I don't like the me of last week, but the me of this week is much calmer, and has more patience. Having a better handle on my patience is a serious thing to me. I have taken part is some crazy debates ALL BECAUSE my patience for ignorance was at Zero. Now, I just laugh at the ignorance being spoken and pray that one day the person will see Truth.

My little one is not feeling so hot today, so she is home from school. In a way I'm glad she's here, because I adore her company, but I hate that she has to be sick. She'll be 14 in April and the time is going SO Fast! Next thing you know she'll be going off to college and then you'll need a tranquilizer gun to calm my butt down. LOL

*Hubby and I had been discussing my 28 Acts of Love this month and he asked why don't I do this for myself. I do for myself, but I'd rather do for others. After battling with him and my stubborn ways we made a compromise. For the next 40 days (Starting Wednesday - lent) I'm going to perform an act of love for myself AND individually for each of you. Each day I will leave some words of Love and Encouragement (specifically) for one or two of you beautiful people. I'll also notify you by commenting on your blog. So, here's to Love!!*

I'm Finding Great Joy In The Little Things:

1. Verizon Wireless has added a top ten feature to their plans. Say it with me...Cha Ching!!!
2. I have NOT had night sweats in two nights!!! Go Estroven!! (its a menopause thing..LOL)
3. The birds chirping outside my window - NOW
4. Music
5. Reading my Devotionals Hubs got me on VDay (They Uplift Me So)
6. Jasper and his crazy shenanigans (Our puppy son)
7. Drinking from my pretty glass I got from Wal-Mart
8. Laughing - Especially at my princess and HER crazy shenanigans
9. The fact that I don't desire soda
10. The delicious dinners I prepared this weekend and hearing Hubs say "I bow to you oh great Iron Chef." - Can you see me smiling from where you are?
11. Performing Acts of Love and having blog friends join in! Yay!

Today I Feel: Joyful, Loved, Blessed, Guided, Grateful, Peaceful, Healthy and Inspired.

My Act of Love:
I'm going to treat myself to a LONG, candlelit bubble bath.



  1. i bow to you great iron chef! that is awesome!!! love it!

  2. great list.....wonderful attitude of enjoying the moments!

  3. Love your post! It's so full of appreciation. Hope your daughters feels better soon!

  4. What an uplifting post Tabitha!

    We have a 14 year old (our oldest) - and it's hard to believe next year is high school... just a couple of days ago I watched a short video that sums it all up - "The Days are Long, But the Years are Short" - I think you might enjoy it --

  5. What a wonderful idea! I am sorry your daughter is sick, too. I used to have very little patience with people but I think I have mellowed in my old age.

  6. And if anyone deserves a long candle lit bubble bath it is you. Your blog is so warm and up lifting.
    Peace and love to you

  7. I'm sending my get well wishes for your daughter too. :-)

  8. Oh I could feel how bubbly and happy you are in this post Tabitha. Your baby is nearly 14, my goodness!!! Yes I could be a whole lot calmer too. I hope you enjoyed your bubble bath. Lent does start on Wednesday and this time I am going to make a few sacrifices too. Love your idea about spreading the love and think your husband is so righ too - dont forget YOU in the love equation. Also glad your husband recognises your cooking skills too!! Iron Chef that you are (have to share your recipes sometime!) Have a great and happy week my friend.

  9. that hubs of yours sounds like a switched on kind of guy. :-)

  10. What a beautiful way to start the week!

  11. I sure like to hear that yer hubby noticed that YOU weren't ever getting any of that love and care you pour onto others! Good for him for pointing it out, and yay that you will include yourself at last, you who give so much to others!!! But true to form, you just keep giving to others too.

  12. Honey,you already give gifts of love to us! I would be happy for you to give gifts of love to your wonderful self :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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