A Peaceful Reflection

I didn't hang on the computer yesterday. Instead my family indulged in one another for the entire day. We laughed, enjoyed a few funny movies and it was everything I wanted. Going through the day I thought back on how life was for us before Hurricane Katrina. Financially we struggled, our health care was not to be desired and the educational system was/still is non existent. But, above all of those things as a family we were just existing. Stress of it all strained our lives in so many ways. Our spirituality was hanging on by a thread.

Where we were during Katrina

Then, this horrific natural disaster happened. This catastrophic, yet beautiful life changing event happened.
I watched my husband and daughter laugh. They now live knowing that we are safe. We all know peace now. Hubby has a job that leaves him smiling and stress free. Our princess has too many friends for me to keep up with. Our health insurance is one of the best in Texas (Thank God!) and spiritually ...where do I even begin!
I/we have always known God, but before Katrina I don't think we truly had faith. Not enough of it at least. Now, we gravitate toward Him 24/7 and FAITH is like a second language to us all.

I sat in my room and watched my family LIVING, BEING, JOYFULLY ENJOYING Life. That overwhelms me in the greatest way! We have a beautiful apartment, clothing, food, delicious Sunny D ☺, we are NOT rich in any way (financially), but because of this natural disaster we were given a new start. THAT makes us rich beyond measure.

I love the second time around theme. Its sweet, caring, kind to us and it fills our spirits with joy. My family's now completely happy and stress free. Where does that leave me? In complete and total Bliss.

I Wish The Same For You All♥


  1. Hi Tabitha,
    That is completely beautiful! What a wonderful story of hope you share! That even if we're struggling, even if we're not really 'living', even if we're not where God wants us to be - there is always hope - there is always good out there! And I love that message - what an uplifting way to start my Sunday morning!!

  2. Oh my dearest Tabby! You deserve this and everything good that comes your way! Blessed be :)

  3. tabitha, thank you for sharing this story. WOW. I had no idea you were a new texas resident because of that disaster.

    as horrible as it was-and it WAS-my heart is warmed when I hear all the positive stories that came from that. The way people helped each other. The second changes people were given. The love and the hope.

    many blessings to you and your family.

  4. Enjoying the moment, the day, or the event that is happening seems the best way for me to live. Thinking so much about a long term goal, stressing about work, struggling to meet others expectations, or a faraway trip isn't as satisfying as being with the ones who mean the most to you.

  5. To me family is most important and I can see you are of the same feeling.
    It's great to be altogether though for me My husband is no longer with us and my youngest son resides in Spain. I enjoyed reading of your day very up lifting.


  6. Beautiful post Tabitha. I am so glad you got the chance to start over and that things are going so well for your family and you are once again enjoying life hand in hand with God. I have been through a bushfire but never on the scale of the disaster you must have had to deal with. So glad you all came out the other side to some place better. You always make me smile and feel better about things whenever I come here. You have a great week!

  7. Tabitha,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection with us. It is so great to hear how other people not just survived, but thrived, through adversity. Your light just absolutely shines through. You are an amazing woman. And, obviously, you have been blessed...
    Peace and love,

  8. What a beautiful post and beautiful reality that true joy and peace flow from the Father. Blessings!

  9. I sat and sadly watched as so many people suffered through that awful hurricane. There seemed to be so little we could do, compared to the many people who were affected by it. I feel that everything happens for a reason, even horrible disasters, but it was pretty hard to understand what good could come out of that. I am so glad I found your blog and was able to read your very touching post. It makes my day, just knowing that your life is improved because of it.

    You can put that down as your act of kindness today. :-) You are a lovely person, thanks for sharing your story.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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