Day 19: Several Acts of Love

When I first started this on February 1st I thought "what if I run out of things to do?" The universe quickly showed me there is no such thing. I wish I could fully express how doing these Acts of Love have created an even brighter light within my life.

Today's Act of Love:

100 goody packets are being delivered today to Sam Ministries Living Center
in honor of:
Cora McClenahan

So many children do not get a chance at a long life, but instead of focusing on the negative we'll CELEBRATE the positivity this little beauty has spread on and offline. :)

We'll also be mailing off 3 goody boxes to three sweet and deserving little boys.

To Davyn

To Travon & His Brother

What Makes Me Happy:

*A child's laughter
*The sun beaming on my face
*Laughter (its contagious)
*My family
*My Bloggy friends
*Writing Poetry
*Creating Goody Bags/Boxes
*Life & True Kindness

Have A Blessed Day!!


  1. i am so happy that you find such joy in serving in this way, because many are touched and lives are better because of the love you are spreading.

    my OTC order just came in and we are putting togehter our first set of envelopes for delivery. i'm so excited!!!

  2. this is so precious! thank you for taking time to show love to someone else.

  3. How wonderful! Keep spirit is endless and love is so powerful!

  4. This is a loving and wonderful gift!

  5. You're my daily inspiration,

    Thank you my sister,

    Much love to you and the family, M

  6. I sure enjoy coming to your blog everyday, it bring joy to my heart to know that in a world so wrapped up in itself, there is still hope for love in this world. You are a bright ray of sunshine in my day. God Bless you.

  7. You are a beautiful spirit and a gift from God in all you do. All your readers love you too and we cannot help but be inspired to make others lives happy too. We are lucky to have you in our lives.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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