Day 21: Paying It Forward

I have a BEAUTIFUL friend named Sandra Kay from Germany. She's an author and children advocate. She posted this on Myspace and my heart told me this would be the perfect community to turn to. Sandra has been a HUGE supporter of my family's mission and she is by far one of the truest women I know. PLEASE take a moment and read her words and if your heart leads you to PLEASE sign her petition for Congenital Heart Defect Media Awareness. *Thank You!*

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I find this quote one of the most fitting when it comes to being a childrens’ advocate. Especially when it comes to raising Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects.

I understand that this issue is a tough one, but it doesnt help to look away or just simply ignore it. Some might think it would not ever be any of their concerns, some do not care because it hasn’t happened to their children.But these attitudes and opinions aren’t helping those children in need. And they need us now ! We cannot delay addressing these issues any longer. One voice is good but wouldnt it be so much better if a whole CHOIR is making their voices heard in unity ? As a group of many who are doing something by fighting for a cause. Not just CHD but any cause that concerns our little ones. I have met so many individuals who have joined me in my fight, God bless you all. But I want and need more people who show compassion and a heart for our children.

We are in dark times and in trouble when clicking on our banner and signing our petition is too much to do. A petition that urges our Media to also join our fight and to be a voice for our babies. A truly important petition that is going to make a difference for the children.

We are in dark times because people do not realize that it can happen to anybody... even themselves. With 1 in every 85 babies born with CHD, chances are not that slim my friends...CHD does not make distinctions, there are no causes known yet as to why these defects strike our little ones. If it would be your child, what would you do ? Fight to spread awareness, I believe. Fight to make a difference and fight to change the health system and how it goes about prenatal care. So why wait ?

Please take one minute and sign this very important petition. The banner below will take you to the petition with one click and signing for our children will take about one minute.

Sandra Kay


  1. Thank You SOOOO Much Genie!!
    *Big Hugs*

  2. Great Blog! I love your spiritual to do list!

  3. i did...bc of you and your email! yeah!

  4. Our very good friends have a son with CHD...he is only 5 and has had 4 open heart surgeries! You can see the pacemaker in his chest. He will need a new heart when he is a teenager... He is one of the brightest spirits I have met! Thank you Tabby for sharing this message!

  5. I love your spiritual to do list!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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