Day 6: Follow Up Give For Little Tuesday

On day 4 I blogged about how we are going to honor a beautiful little girl by the name of Tuesday. (here)
We have teamed up with a beautiful hearted woman by the name of Kacey and she has been spreading the word like wild fire! Wednesday night hubby and I were discussing how soon Valentine's Day would be here and on the day of our drop off the hospital will have a little over 350 patients. We are not sure if items from those participating will make it here in time for the drop off, so yesterday hubby (being the awesome man that he is) took out a small payday loan. We ordered the items needed to assure us that every kid will receive a goody bag and selected overnight shipping from Oriental Trading Company.

I have spoken to Kacey to explain this to her and she totally understood. So, what I am asking of everyone who still wishes to participate is to purchase whichever item(s) YOU choose from the needed items listed and have them shipped to the address listed below.

All Items Received After Valentine's Day Will Be Used For Next Month's Drop Off.
(If that's okay with everyone)

Needed Items:

IN-9/623 - Valentine Zoo Animal Fun And Games Books - $8.99 72 Piece(s)
(Kids adore these at ANY time of the year)

IN-24/1164 - Smile Face Rings - $4.99 144 Piece(s)

IN-9/668 - Laser Smile Face Notepads - $5.99 72 Piece(s)

IN-70/4110 - Tropical Fish Tattoos - $4.99 72 Piece(s)

Items May Be Shipped To Us At The Following Address:

A FiveOh4 Uplifting
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105
PMB 1155
San Antonio, TX 78217

When shipping items to us please inform us by emailing us at: ichoosebliss (at) gmail [dot] com and place Tuesday in the subject line.

These Are Some Of The Items We Have Already and This Is How Some Bags Will Look.

We Thank You All So Very Much!


  1. I will be contacting people at my school who are in charge of fund raising and see what we can do on a larger scale. This might take a bit, as we just started the semester and people are not organized. but I will keep you informed.

  2. Oh honey, that hurts my heart to hear you had to take out a payday loan to get the items...I know you felt you had to...I just don't trust those places, I hear they take advantage of people with their rates. We have so many that have opened in our city in the past few weeks...I hope I get a job this next week so that I can help out too...fingers crossed...

  3. Everything looks great! You and your hubby are a shining light of love.

  4. Best of luck to you! I admire what you and your husband are doing! I don't know if there is anything I can do or not. I do fundraising with Mia Bella's Gourmet Candles if that can be of any help at all. I love how uplifting and optimistic your blog is! Look forward to reading more!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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