Day 7 - Pledge of Peace

*Update for 5/6*
My day was shared with my daughter as she stayed home from school so that I could nurse her sore neck.  We enjoyed each others company and it was delightful.  The majority of my evening was spent reading "The Shack."  I read this book a year ago and it altered my life and way of thinking.  It has once again flipped my mind frame upside down.  It's crazy how this book re-surfaced during my 31 day journey.  I know it's no coincidence, so I read and allow each page to transform my spirit.

Day 7: I'm not doing much today.  I'm feeling a bit exhausted emotionally, but in a good way.  I think I'm going to finish my book and allow my being to be lifted in a beautiful way.

Today's Intention:
I intend to be love and allow love to wrap itself around me gently and just BE.

Today's Kind Act: I am going to pamper myself in stillness.  No putting mail together.  No conducting business calls.  I'm going to read, drink coffee, listen to music and just be still (until the kids return from school).


  1. Sadly I let the negativity creep in a bit today. I've been doing really well this month. But with ANOTHER adoption just happened. :(

  2. Stopping by to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Be the queen. You earned it girl!


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