Day 12 - Pledge of Peace

Day 12 - Pledge of Peace

Purpose Affirmation: Today I live my truth. As I live my truth, I teach others to do the same!

Freedom: That is my word for the rest of the year.  The word I chose at the beginning of the year was "abundance" and they work beautifully together, because I am seeking an abundance of freedom.  I wish to be free from emotional living and thinking.  I wish to free myself from the ideals of society.  I wish to be free from self-sabotaging (in my thinking).  I wish to free myself from the bondage of caring what others think about me.  Now the latter I can honestly say I have been very good at these past three years, but the others I have some work to put in.  I'm learning that if I succeed at freeing myself from these things I can find a greater joy than ever before and let's be truthful.  I WANT greater joy in my life.  Who doesn't right?  To gain this freedom I must TRUST.  I must trust God first and foremost and then I need to truly trust MYSELF.  At the end of the day that's whom I truly have a trust issue with.  This was my Aha thought after I re-read my post yesterday.  I TRUST God, but I don't fully trust me.  Why?  I've allowed so much to happen.  I've allowed so many to hurt, use and even abuse me.  Although, I have been on a path of restoration since 2008 I still have allowed people to hurt me.  Not saying I have the power to see it coming and then stop it, but I do have the right after their first offense to say enough is enough.

This journey is about learning to love ME as God does.  It's about trusting my own judgments and knowing that it is SO okay to nurture myself daily.  In fact, it is imperative that I nurture myself daily.  I'm not speaking of "things." It starts from within and moves it's way to our outer areas.  Some of the things I'm learning scare me, but they also push me to improve.  For living a peaceful and love filled life does not happen magically.  It indeed takes work.  Work I am completely willing to do.

Today's Intentions: I intend to re-assure myself that it's okay to nurture myself

Today's Kind Act: I'm going through this day completely trusting myself.  No seconding guessing and forgiving myself for past mistakes.


  1. Tabitha, oh I have dealt with wanting to fit it,,,or I should say used to. you have such a wonderful spirit, anyone would be extremely lucky to have you in their life. Don't be too hard on yourself my friend, the past is the past, I wish you sucess today and complete love.

  2. 'forgiving myself for past mistakes.'

    Forgiving MYSELF is something I have struggled with for a long time. It is SO hard to do. People talk about forgiving others all the time but there's not much said about forgiving yourself. If you don't forgive yourself, it is really impossible to forgive others. Just like if you don't love yourself, it is hard to love others.

    Good message, my friend.


    Teresa <><

  3. Tabitha,
    I found your blog a few months ago and I have been reading but I have never commented before. I have to tell you that so much of what you write is just what I need to hear at that time. I wish I had the words to tell you how much that means to me. I'm still not where you are right now but I am struggling to get there and I know I will one day. I have cried some times while reading here and other times I have felt only happiness. Whatever I feel, I appreciate you and your blog very much. Thank you. You are an inspiration.

  4. Tabitha,

    I love this special time in your life where I think that you deserve to have these days dedicated to you for all you do for everyone else.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Tabitha, I was moved to write about you on my blog today. I hope you don't mind :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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