Day 15 - Pledge of Peace

Hello Beautiful Friends!

I have been enjoying the interaction here lately and watching you all bloom right along with me.  It stormed yesterday like nobody's business!  The lights went out while in the doctor's office.  What an adventure getting back home!

Upon returning home Princess Charlie and I watched a Jerry Lewis movie and laughed our butts off.  She is 15, but very wise and strong willed.  I'm watching her as she walks along her journey and to see her bloom mentally and spiritually right before my eyes is a TRUE blessing.  Knowing that she is watching my every move encourages me to keep forward.  At the end of the day I know this journey will have changed more than just me.  :)

Today's Intentions: It's pajama Saturday! PC and I intend to watch funny movies, eat nachos and FULLY enjoy our day together.

Today's Kind Act: PC is going to do my hair for me.

Take it easy today my friends and remember to say "I Love You" to yourself!


  1. I so enjoy visiting your blog. I really love your ten commandments and your Spiritual To Do List. Simple daily tasks, often go unnoticed or unappreciated, yet just one of them could be the differernce in one's day.

    What a great project, life commitment and such an expression and example of true love.

    Keep it are a gift and a wonderful presence....

  2. What a precious blessing you are. Thank you for visiting my blog, and the kind words you left behind.

  3. You inspired me today...check out my post mentioning your blog on my Discovering the Purpose of our Lives blog...your voice is needed.

  4. Tabby, I should have warned you that the storm was REALLY bad. I think tomorrow will be gloomy for you as well, it was another rainy day here but nothing like the day before. Our weather is certainly being weird.

    Your pajama party sounds FUN!!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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