Day 30 - Pledge of Peace

I'm a huge fan of writing or speaking of my gratitude.  On this beautiful day I wanted to share a few things that have simply made me smile.

*Delicious, crispy salad
*Getting my hair cut off and feeling absolutely beautiful afterward
*Having a love filled family talk
*Scratching my puppy son and making his little leg shake in delight
*Drinking a truly delicious Verry Cherry Snapple (they know what I like)
*Laughing with my daughter
*Realizing I am starting to lose weight (woohoo!)

Intention and Gift: I intend to take it very easy today.  My gift will be a facial and foot soak as I watch a great movie.


  1. A grateful such a wonderful thing! Tabitha, you shine this always!

  2. Gratitude is such an important part of being happy. I appreciate you sharing the things you are happy about. So many people recommend a gratitude journal as a key to happiness -- because of your post, I'm going to add gratitude entries to my journal. Thank you.

  3. love the gratitude attitude. Hugs to you. Sarah


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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