Day 20 - Pledge of Peace

Photo taken by my husband

Can you believe we are twenty days into our journey already?  As I was reading my journal last night I smiled.  I smiled at all God has revealed to me these past few weeks!  Taking the time to truly get to know me has been the greatest gift ever!  I look forward to what I'll learn in the next 11 days to come!  I have been growing to love myself over the past 3 years, but this exercise has truly shown me how to love myself as God loves me.  He would never wanted me to neglect myself.  He never wanted me to put myself last.  He never wanted me to allow such pain to come my way.  I see this clear as day now!  Today I can say that I love myself completely.  I will never neglect my needs.  I will never put me last.  I will never again allow another living being to intimidate, use or abuse me...EVER!  If I feel I have to do something or be someone I'm not for them to like/love me, then they don't belong in my life.

This journey is creating a freedom that My Father knew I desperately needed and I am eternally grateful.  I'm also eternally grateful to everyone who's taken this journey with me.  Love on yourself!  There is no wrong in that!  Each day take one baby step towards nurturing yourselves.  If it feels uncomfortable start small.  Eventually it will become natural, because IT IS!

Today's Intention: I intend to go with the flow.  No pushing or forcing things to be.

Today's Kind Act: I give myself the gift of just being.  Enjoying my time and space.  Loving the skin I am in completely!


  1. This is fabulous, I am glad you have become so much stronger, it is true when we focus on it. I understand when you say you are comfortable in your skin. and that is a wonderful place to be. I have learned that I am strong and that I value myself, and the last few weeks, I am just reaffirming that to myself. Good luck on the rest, go with the flow, see where your day leads you. hugs.

  2. Praising GOD with you...HE loves us just the way we are...after all, HE created us!

  3. I love Today's Kind Act, specially the part about "loving the skin I am in completely"... You just inspired me with that thought.
    Wonderful blog, will stop by more often!!!

  4. I found you from Cinner's blog. glad I did. :)

  5. Tabitha,

    If we don't take the time to take care of ourselves, then there won't be anyone to take care of our family and friends. When we are recharged and filled we have so much more to give and without resentment and bitterness.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. loving the skin I'm in...that's a hard thing to do.. awesome to hear you're doing it.

  7. Praise God for doing an awesome work in you sweetie.

  8. How can we take care of others well if we cannot take care of ourselves? Even Jesus took care of his needs with his away time. And, it is so true, God does not want us to be taken advantage of by others - we need to set healthy boundaries. Loving God does not mean saying, "Yes" all the time. Sometimes it means saying, "No." And sometimes that is the hardest thing of all!

    What a beautiful, liberating post, Tabitha!

  9. This post really touched me. I am in that "last" place and have not yet come to terms with what God wants for me. I've been in the "He doesn't give a rats behind" mode for a while now and, although I know deep down that it is not true, it is difficult to get out of that mode.

    I used to have a very close relationship with Him and I know He is not the one who has changed - it's me. I just don't know how to find where I've gone. I've been lost in the shuffle of doctors' appointments, medication dispensing, and dressing changes.



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