Day 3 - Pledge of Peace

*Update for 5/2*
Yesterday I woke up and watched Joel Osteen, meditated for 22 minutes and danced for 15 minutes.  Pure Joy!  I took the day at my pace, enjoying my music and putting goody bags together for loving children and adults.  I even decided to go through my day speaking at a whispering level.  I got a kick out of Princess Charlie joining in and embracing it with her mom!  For his lack of enthusiasm the day before hubby made up for it by preparing me a fabulous salad for lunch and preparing the bathroom with candles, soft music and the needed towels for me to take a 30 minute soak in a delicious bath (bath salt included).  *BIG Grin*

Day 3: Everyone will be at school and work today, so it's a perfect opportunity to use this alone time to place my undivided attention on myself.  I'm going to watch Joyce Meyer (as I do every weekday morning), meditate and read a chapter in Deuteronomy.  I'm continuing my practice of allowing my body to relax and keeping my mind clear of negative self talk.

Today's Intention:
I intend to allow myself to go through this day walking in self love, peace and joy.
I intend to laugh as much as possible (see today's kind act)

Today's Kind Act: I have a Jerry Lewis collection and it's been a year since I've watched it, because I'm so busy allowing everyone else to watch what they want on MY television.  Today I'm treating myself to a Jerry Lewis Marathon!

What will you do today to place a smile upon your face?


  1. Good for you Tabitha! Love it! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you!
    Blessings and prayers,

  3. I havent started it yet :( but yes I will do it ......


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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