Day 29 - Pledge of Peace

Two days left and my 31 day journey will come to an end.  I'm not sad though, because MANY great things have come from this experience.  I've come to know me and love me more.  The great thing is this journey is just truly beginning for me.  I love what's come from this and am looking forward to the future.  This time I'm taking life slowly..One day at a time.

A Quick Recap Of What I've Learned:

1. I seriously neglected myself
2. My neglecting myself had created resentment within me
3. I put everyone else's needs and concerns above my own
4. I am stronger than I ever knew
5. I must FULLY trust God
6. I ate to satisfy my emotions (now I ONLY eat when I'm hungry)
7. I gave my emotions WAY too much power
9. Take each day at a slow pace
10. Set healthy intentions and boundaries
11. NEVER allow others to intimidate, use or abuse me
12. My worth is PRICELESS
13. NEVER feel guilty for nurturing myself
14. How to fall in love with me
15. I'm learning how to rid myself of impatience and selfishness (a daily process)

I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I see a great change and many others see it as well.  I'm grateful for what's becoming of me and I hope this journey helps many!

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  1. May your journey be sweetly blessed my friend.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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