Day 24 - Pledge of Peace

On yesterday the hubster and I had a very long talk.  We've been together for 13 years and through it all there has been bliss and a many number of bumps.  The main thing missing was God.  We both believed, well I believed.  He believed when things were going right.  As of this February (when the darkness came) he gave his life to God...Fully.  He's taking baby steps (as everyone should), but there is visible progress.  We talked about God, our marriage, our mistakes and of course our successes.  Our greatest success being our daughter.  Although, biologically he is not her dad he has indeed gone above and beyond the definition.  Our daughter is a 15 year old who loves reading the bible.  She's an A - B student who respects our desires for her life.  We have allowed her to learn her own voice and she is indeed impressive.  But with one another hubby and I have made great mistakes.  We marvel at how our many mistakes have somehow glued us together more-so.  We don't make the same mistakes any longer.  New ones have taken place, but with God being present we now have better guidance.  I had to let go of my notion that he should be exactly how I wanted him to be.  He had to let go of the belief that I was this super woman who could never be hurt.

No one can ever say they know what the future holds, but I'm sure there are many more lessons to be learned.  Tons of new growth of love to be shared (in whatever way God sees as best).  Our discussion ended with us both understanding our roles clearer and seeing God as the leader of this family unit.  Then of course many hugs and kisses ensued. :)

Today's Intention and Gift: To walk through this day believing in myself and my hubster.  Knowing we will allow The Father to lead us through our journeys.


  1. I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

  2. Dear Tabitha
    I believe it's no small thing to deliberately want to learn and grow - even as one gets older. And to be proven wrong... again and again. Human progress can only come about by the willingness to keep on learning and struggling in a good way. It's the path to continual human refinement and enlightenment.

  3. I am glad you and hubster had such a nice walk. It is never easy. oh the bumps in the road...we all hit them, and like you said we learn from them and go forward. I wish you love today. take care my friend.

  4. Tabitha,

    Praising God for providing you the perfect helpmate and hubby you needed at this time in your life. Watching him grow in the Lord is such as amazing time and I know God only has the best in store for you both.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Blessings to you and your dear hubby.

  6. A marriage that endures the toughest trials, one which shares a passion for Christ and shared certainly a union that will flourish in love, faith and strength.

  7. Yay to your husband for embracing God fully...and to you for being there at his side!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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