Day 2 - Pledge of Peace

*Update For 5/1* Yesterday was beautiful.  Hubby resisted a bit towards my being silent, but he had no choice but to come around and embrace the idea.  I loved being silent!  It gave me an opportunity to truly ask myself a few questions and I was able to answer them and gain great insight.  Yes, I am going to love this journey my friends!

Day 2: Have you ever stopped to notice just how tense your body may be?  I've noticed for some time now that even while watching television I am clenched.  My muscles are at attention in the worse way and I grit my teeth.  This started 5 years ago after Hurricane Katrina and I tried all types of things including medication (which I dislike).  Meditating is the only thing that truly seems to be effective, but after a few hours I would notice I'm tense again.  While sitting at my desk reading a few great blogs yesterday I noticed my body was tingling (in a very good way).  Every muscle in my body was at ease and I was not clenching my teeth together!  I believe I am achieving this now, because I am more mindful of how I'm treating myself.  My body does not deserve the lack of attentiveness I've given it and now a beautiful Aha moment has arrived.  Throughout the day whenever I notice myself tensing up I immediately corrected it.  This is only day 2 my friends!  Just imagine what nuggets we'll produce by the end of this journey!

*Tip* When you're at your desk or where ever you may be be mindful of what message you're sending your body.  Allow every muscle to relax.  If you do this often not only will your body thank you, but you will feel awesome!

Today's Intention:
To be mindful of my body and allow it to relax as it deserves
To dance to a 15 minute play-list I put together just for the occasion

Today's Kind Act: I'm going to buy myself that 8GB memory chip for my new cell phone that I've always wanted, but denied myself the joy of getting it.

How are you treating yourself today my friends?

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  1. Tabitha, I am definately going to be more mindful of my body. Everyone of my muscles are sore, don't know if it is getting over the flu, but I need to take care. I am very excited for you my friend. have a great day.

  2. Oh Tabby, you are so brave. The few times I have asked my family for something like "let me be silent for a few hours," they get so upset and wrathful that I always back down. Good for you for carrying through with it!!!

    My dear girl, I have to think that you might have gotten PTSD from Katrina? And that that is what is causing all the tension. Glad it is finally abating -- and glad you are getting that new chip for your phone!!!

  3. Holly, I was diagnosed with PTSD a few months after Katrina. I was beating it, but it crept back in 08 when my grandma passed. Within 2 years we've lost 6 loved ones and it has done a number on our spirits. This is one of the reasons I'm doing this.

    Please don't give in to your family. Your needs are just as important. It's time that WE are all happy not just our loved ones.

    Cinner, do take care of YOU my friend. Be Gentle with yourself. You are precious cargo to God if not to anyone else. Love on yourself as He loves on you. :)

  4. yes...I often find myself with my shoulders does take being aware. What a powerful post...


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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