Thankful Thursday & A Birthday Celebration!!

On this date 14 years ago at 8:47 AM my Princess Charlie came into my life. From the moment I knew she was in my belly I was in love. Every thought and action afterward would revolve around her. I believe in her with all that I have within me. Her presence gives me great Strength. Her humor brings me great Joy and her heart brings me everlasting Love. Princess Charlie, I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with you as my daughter. These past 14 years have been the BEST of my entire life. I look forward to each new day, because I know you'll be there. ♥

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
I Love You So Very Deeply

Today I'm Thankful:
1. That Charlie has been my daughter for 14 years
2. For music
3. That I am loved and that I am able to love in return
4. That we have a home filled with love, peace and laughter
5. For the many friends who support my mission
6. That I can breathe easily without medications & the sweet scent of my yummy soy candle
7. That God believes in me and shows me every day
8. For any and all who read my words

The first two packages were delivered yesterday from OT for our dedication give to little Stellan!

Thank You Danyele & Samantha!!!

Namaste ~ Tabitha


  1. super fantastic princess charlie...she is so precious and sweet. i wanna meet her in person. she's my kinda gal! smiles and happy bday!

  2. That's a beautiful pic... you're right, she IS your double!!! Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

    PS... I got an email from OTC yesterday that said my order shipped :)


    What a darling daughter. You are so lucky -- and so is she!

    Sweet, sweet picture of you two together...peas in a pod!!!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to Princess Charlie!! & happy mama day to beautiful Tabi! Daughters are such a joy & treasure - mine is 38, & it's a delight to know her as a wise & wonderful adult woman :)


  5. I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! and TO YOU!!! After all YOU are the one who gave birth, MOM!


    What'dya git?

  6. Congratulations to you on your "little girl!" And, Happy Birthday to Charlie!

    What a beautiful girl you have there...beautiful picture and beautiful post!

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter that looks just like her beautiful momma! I know you are so proud of her.

  8. Today is my little girls bday too! Just 7 years younger than yours :) Hope everyone had a blessed day!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!!! She really does look like you. Hope it was a wonderful day. And it's so awesome to see those big packages you've got going to Stellan!!!


  10. happy birthday to charlie.
    a wonderful day filled with happiness to your family.

  11. Wow! What a wonderful blessing your daughter is. She is so beautiful Tabitha, I love your Spiritual To Do List!!

  12. I must say also that I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! :)))

  13. Happy Birthday to Princess Charlie!!! A heartfelt birthday blessing to your daughter, Tabitha. What a beautiful girl she is. :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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