I Believe

Every time I take a leap Satan whispers in my ear "no one truly cares" "Why are you putting your heart out there so often." He has even gone as far as having others repeat this to me. Everything that I do I do it, because it is meant. It never comes from me. Therefore, I will NOT allow Satan to win. I will fight! I will fight with love, compassion, strength and my beliefs.

I Believe..

- That I was created differently to serve a specific purpose
- Had I not been born differently I would not be as compassionate (I'll explain later)
- There are indeed kind people in this world
- In Good and Evil
- That we can manifest our true destiny
- In Angels with all my heart
- All of my dreams will be fulfilled

- That motherhood can be hard, yet rewarding
- Marriage takes LOADS of communication
- That in the dark of night He hears me
- That my Grandmother's passing taught me to no longer fear death
- That color, sexual orientation or religion should not matter
- We all should strive to be present more often
- That if we laugh more the world could be a better place
- That meditation can create great calm and peace (Try it)
- Those who speak negative about one's dreams speak from an evil place
- That Love is the secret weapon (use it wisely)


  1. Dear Tabitha,
    I would love to express my thanks to you for inspiring me by giving you the Lemonade Award. You can collect it at my blog.

  2. I truly believe you are making a huge difference.

    I know you have for me.

  3. Pamela, I don't mind being called Tabitha or Tabby. I'll answer to either one :)
    Thank you for the award!! I'm honored!

    Brandi, you have no idea how joyful you just made me!

  4. I know you do sweet friend! I don't believe that wicked Satan!

  5. Tabitha I care and believe too! (I also have that believe sign on top of my aquarium) I am with Brandi up there, you do make difference, you are making a difference, YOU have made a difference in me just knowing you the short time I have. I feel blessed to have meet somebody like you. Again I already told you but I am going to Tell you again, an Angel walks among us and her name is Tabitha :-)

  6. Tabitha, I agree wholeheartedly with Brandi and Darsden... you have blessed me and made a difference in the short time I've been following your blog. Thank you for that.

    I pray you are lifted up and feel as blessed as you much as you bless me!

  7. And I believe you are a remarkable person... xo

  8. I just want to say Thank you ...each time I visit your blog it brings me so much joy and inspiration. I tell you the devil is trying his best to become busy in every area of my life but I know that God has control over everything so I Believe that all things works together for the goodness of the Lord. He can never win. You are a ANGEL TABBY!
    Great Post ...truly great!

  9. Ditto ... what the others said. You DO make a difference. Love to you ...

  10. To renounce Satan's lies---powerful and soo important since he is so good at what he does! Thanks for the comment today--I responded but wasn't sure if you would see it...so..Yes! It was O that I was talking about! I just watch them a day or even a week behind sometimes :) Wasn't that a GREAT topic!!! If more would get honest huh? Maybe we could all relax and give ourselves a break!!!

  11. Tabitha,
    I love all of these.
    And why is it that your posts can often bring me to tears?? Geez!
    Being present...this is something I struggle with, but that I am working hard at.

  12. Tabitha,
    Great believe pointers. They are beautiful sentiments to hold in our hearts.

  13. satan has no power...and girl, you already know that. you rock my face off!!! this heart of yours changes lives every single day!

  14. Tabitha!!! LOVELY and beautiful and TRUE - AMEN! I believe in putting it out there - because like a sound wave it keeps going and then bounces off something and goes so more. WHO KNOWS what we can touch in the end? Keep being open. It matters.

  15. Do not listen to that little voice...ever!

    Just keep on following your heart and your spirit. You are a true blessing.

    Love, Debi

    ps I need to get back to you still on that email... it has been HECTIC here...

  16. Beautiful reflections! Thank you.

  17. You absolutely blow my mind and I love coming here. I don't always leave a comment, but I always read.
    *An award for you on my blog


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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