Something Good Is Happening To Me!!

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Everyday I love to light one of my soy candles. I usually have to ask Hubby or Princess Charlie to light it for me, because with my little hand I can not light a match or lighter (good thing I never smoked). We have those lighters you use to light candles or grills. You know the ones with the child proof lock on them? Now many times I have seen Hubby or Princess Charlie use both hands to light this contraption.

Well, yesterday morning hubby lit my candle for me before he left for work. I laughed out loud at a video and blew out my candle!! I looked at the candle, then the lighter and thought "I can do this." I grabbed the lighter and positioned it as best I could and I DID IT!!!!! I LIT MY CANDLE ON MY OWN!!!!

To so many this will mean NOTHING, but for me it means The World. Nothing and NO One but God allowed me to do this!! I have tried soooo many times only to get frustrated and discouraged. I cried out and Thanked God! And as I type this I cry, because I am so very grateful. The many things you can do with two hands I have to do with One and most times it's a HUGE challenge. Lighting that candle made me feel so loved and surrounded by His favor!!

Thank You!! Thank You Heavenly Father!!!

Today I Am So Very Grateful:
For My One Hand
For His Guidance
The Freedom To Express My Love and Loyalty To God
For Unexpected Blessings
My Family


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I agree, Lance's post is so great!!! Thanks for sharing your heart. I love your to-do list at the top of your blog. And I love your success story about lighting your own candle. Praise God!

  2. WOO HOO. You always have lit the world alight with your beauty and grace you know. Congrats to you. I havent tried soy candles but must look out for one. This post makes me smile. Honey you do more things with one hand than most people do who have two. Wonder what is next???? Much love to you!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. You have such a wonderful, grateful attitude!

    You were the first person I thought of when I was passing out the gratitude award!

  4. Tabitha ,I feel very happy to have found such an inspiring blog have given me wonderful insights in your posts and only yesterday i read an earlier post with your picture with a little hand.i was not aware of it and my heart went out to you.Your gratitude messages give me the reminder to be grateful everyday for wishes for success in all your projects.

    blessings for abundance

  5. Little things like that only mean something to you and God and I've been there. Some of the things He does for us, others wouldn't understand, but to us, it's MIRACULOUS!! God is good and it's amazing to me that he actually cares about those small things that mean so much to me!

  6. I'm so glad, God blessed you with this moment of encouragement. I am sure people like me who do not have to worry about these "little" things could never understand how big it is to you. May God keep blessing you. Have a great day.

  7. always, the smallest things bring us the biggest joys. blessings to you.

  8. Big {Huuggg} I am so proud of you! You Never give up...You are Always Looking UP...and lifting Up everybody around you. Bet you had a song in your heart all day too :-) Kudos You Go Girl!

  9. I found your blog through Audra Krell. As you say, gratitude is an uplifting experience. A person evolves based on what he chooses to experience. The truth is felt. It is all joy.

  10. Yay! But you know, you're such a light in the dark, you NEVER have a light a candle, darlin'... you ARE the candle... xo

  11. What a blessing! So happy for you. Your tenacity has brought you to know that NOTHING is impossible when you believe!

    Love you!

  12. It's the little things that bring true joy to everyday life. :)

  13. Thank-you for sharing your joy of this moment when you stretched beyond that which you knew!

  14. Tabitha - whoo hoo for trying and even bigger hugs for succeeding!!! You are a joy my dear and I just love to read what you have to share!! Namaste, Sarah

  15. Oh, Tabitha! Thank you for sharing this blessing with us!

  16. Tabby, YOU are like a bright and glowing candle in this world!

    I am so glad you could light your candle! Those automatic lighters are just ornery! But now you can have that beautiful little glow whenever you want...YAY!

  17. YAHOO! I'm so happy for you! BIG HUG!


  18. This brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for YOU that you were able to light that candle.

    I may not have the physical challenges you do but I do have challenges so I relate but it a different way.

    Yea for you!

  19. You go girl, you are awesome


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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