Project Uplift Is Coming!!!

We are quickly approaching the launch date of "Project Uplift" and I have never been more excited in my life! Many have emailed me asking "can anyone attend the conference call?" The answer is YES YES and YES!!

Project Uplift is for EVERYONE & It's Absolutely FREE!!
Also you do NOT have to be a religious person to join us.

The Goal: To uplift others, so that they may go and pass that on to the next person. To teach those who want to make a difference how to do so without involving money. To help those stuck move forward. To help those who feel Un-pretty begin to know they are Beautiful.

The first conference will be an introductory to Project Uplift. I will break down what our goals are and will introduce the names of our future speakers. this will be a very inspiring 30 minutes and I pray you won't miss it!!

Friday, May 1, 2009
7 PM Central Standard Time
Conference Dial-in Number:
(605) 475-4800
Access Code: 1007590#

Here's An Incentive: For the first 10 people who blogs about Project Uplift, Add our button to their blog Or Tweet about the Project we will send a gift to those persons!! If you do any of these things please leave a comment below with a link. Or email us the link @ ichoosebliss at gmail dot com

Join Us On Twitter!!

I PROMISE YOU ONE THING: Attending this conference will Help YOU in so many ways!!


  1. How inspiring. And inclusive. A loving. I have placed the button in my sidebar.

  2. I'm excited too!!! I blogged about it, but don't send me anything else! You've done too much!!!

  3. Amazing. You are simply amazing :)

  4. i am so sad...we are going to be on a plane...and i will be missing out! maybe if we get in i can join. i love the idea!!!!!

  5. I agree you are amazing. Wish I lived in the US! You are just an Angel.

  6. You go girl use that gift!! What an amazing person you are!! The very best of luck with this!!! Huge hugs, Sarah

  7. OH I LOVE your site.. I ahave a similar one. I can here via Darsden

  8. WOW you can already Twitter! I am so impressed and UPLIFTED by your mastery of it that I'm finally ready to try it too!!!

    I hope I can make that conference call. Thank you for making it open to everyone who wants to help.

  9. Oh Tabby!!!! :)
    I have to get you on my Twitter!

  10. You are a blessing to the world. I wish you well on your project.

  11. Your uplifting ideas inspire human beings to see love and create more good in the world.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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