Excitement and Review

This was given to our mail lady who ROCKS!!

Well, the week is at it's end again and boy so much has taken place! I'm VERY excited about *Project Uplift*!
I never imagined the response would have been as Huge as it has been. Not only in blog land, but offline as well. Many people are saying they need ideas or they need inspiration and that's what *Project Uplift* will be about. My cousin and I have been talking a lot about this and the word podcast has been thrown around a few times, but I want to see how the telephone-seminars go first.

Our friends over at The Serendipity Factory sent us a few of the cutest inspirational cards to give out to random people. So, this weekend we are hitting the bookstore to spread some love and put *Project Uplift* into motion.

We had these cards made up and we'll be leaving them around town this weekend as well. This Friday we'll be dropping off 150 goody bags to Methodist Children's Hospital in honor of Hollyn a sweet little girl who's battling cancer for the second time in her short life.

When Princess Charlie was little I wrote her three children's stories. If any artist out there is interested in possibly adding some drawings to one of the stories I'd like to get them printed and GIVE them to children in hospitals across the world. (YES...I aim high)

I'm so grateful: For a new day * For every idea God puts on my heart * For everyone who reaches out to me * For an abundance of love and blessings * For family and true friends * Wishes being granted in His time * For laughter * For music and For You (my blog friends)

Peace To You All!!


  1. I am so grateful there are people like you in the world Tabitha, especially grateful to have you in my world. I love the newly printed cards they look great. Wondeful for you to make the happy for the mail woman...they usually are yelled at, flipped off at...and just down right treated meanly. Kudos for you for bringing her smiles like you do all of us. Have a Wonderful Good Friday and Extra special Easter my friend :-)

  2. What a wonderful response, Tabitha!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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