He Knows The Way To My Heart

*Update On Our Honoring Stellan McKinney is Here*

My hubby, the super chef out did himself yesterday! This man loves to cook, but with his work schedule he only gets to do so on the weekends. So, need less to say he goes All Out on the weekends!! He loves taking regular, everyday meals and adding his very own twist to them.

Baked Chop, Scalloped Potatoes with mixed veggies and Garlic Bread

He created his very own veggie soup with fresh veggies, beef broth and shrimp!!
It was AWESOME!!!

He has such a Huge talent and I feel he should share it with everyone by having a restaurant. We're not there yet, but he is going to share his recipes with blog land by creating his very own recipe blog!!!!
Coming Soon!!

Today I Am Grateful:
1. For a new day
2. That I'm with the love of my life
3. Princess Charlie
4. God's Guidance
5. For those who are making a difference in this world
6. For divine blessings
7. Possibilities
8. Laughter
10. For YOU


  1. blessed be sweet lady- we have so much to be grateful for xx

  2. Oh my that looks delicious! (I am begining to thank you are a little spoiled-LOL but that is a good thang) Cool Beans, Happy Monday

  3. OK, again, I gotta ask... does he have a brother? Cousin? Friend who cooks? ;)

  4. Lisa - Thank you sweet friend

    Dar - Uhh Yeah I am indeed spoiled and so is he :)

    Diane - Hubby has a brother, but I wouldn't wish him on my darkest enemy. Seriously!

  5. That meal just looks delicious. The shrimp in the soup is brilliant!

    That's a great idea to have a restaurant! That has really grabbed my imagination, I can just SEE IT!!!

  6. lucky you!your hubby does know how to win you with such a big treat.
    blessings to your happy family

  7. Hi Tabitha,
    My mouth is watering!

    I love all that you do and say here, I always get an uplift when I visit your blog.

    Your 10 commandments are especially awesome.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog; it's nice when someone lets you know that they have "stopped by"!

    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Yum! Looks delicious! I can't wait until his blog is up and running! You're so blessed.

  9. Yummy! You are so blessed to have a husband who is also a chef! Cooks all over the house!

  10. Oh wow, that dinner looks amazing!! What a sweet hubby!! An added bonus that he's a cook!!

  11. Hey, can you send him my way? To teach me how to microwave and such. Thanks!

  12. Oh yes, my hubby is the chef in our house!

  13. what an awesome hubby! by the way i love your spiritual to do list :)

  14. Got you a winner you do! I can't wait for the recipe blog...I soooo love trying out new recipes - and those pictures look scrumptious!


  15. May the means and the wherewithal fall in your lap for your hubby to open up his own very successful restaurant! That is the least you deserve. :)

  16. When I first starting dating my wife, I asked her all her favorite foods. Then I invited her over to my place for dinner and had them all there for her on the table. After making that meal, I've been cooking for 22 years now! She does not do well in the kitchen and works more hours than me. So that's the way it ended up. The mention of hubby's scalloped potatoes started me craving them and the shrimp in the soup sounds different. Hope all is well. Sounds like it is...

  17. It sounds like an absolutely delicious idea!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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