I'm So Mad At Myself!!!!

So, I have Severe Iron Deficiency and I'm suppose to take an iron pill daily, but me being miss smarty pants hadn't taken one in over 5 months. Cut to me being extremely tired, cranky, short of breath, experiencing the shakes and the newly added symptom of chest pains!

Although, I started my iron pills yesterday I fear with the new symptom I may have created a problem for myself. I'm believing that once the iron is in my system again this will go away. Needless to say my doctor is PO'd with me, because I didn't listen. And at this point no one is more pissed at me than ME!

I love my life and there is no way I'm ready to check out of it. I just get so caught up in everyone else's needs that I kinda neglect me. Perfect example! I was suppose to do kind things for myself for 40 days at the request of hubby. I did it for three days!! Why is it so hard for me to put me 1st??

I'm sooo mad at myself, because I never want to cause myself harm or deny Princess Charlie a healthy mom!!

Please Please pray for me. Please ask God to guide me.


  1. Honey, if I have to come to your blog every day and remind you to take your iron pill, I will! You better take good care of yourself, because it's my friend we're talking about, and I want her around for a long long time!

  2. I know what you mean. Try not to beat yourself up. I am the same way...sometimes I'm too busy putting others' needs ahead of my own that I forget about my own needs. Take the pills and make sure you are eating iron-rich foods. It'll be okay.

  3. Now I am mad at you...LOL Honey it happens to the best of us. Cut yourself some slack there! I understand that very important for you to stay on schedule..so NOW you will. You won't let it happen again (neither will we ;-) Gonna be asking you all the time ... whay did you do for yourself today...that involves a glass of water!

  4. I think it's a woman thing....we often get so caught up caring for those around us that we tend to neglect ourselves. I'm terrible for taking vitamins on a regular basis....I start out with good intentions and then I find I don't have the time or I simply forget because I'm so busy elsewhere. At least you have realised the problem and can focus on taking your tablets daily....now that's an order, girl! (((Hugs)))

  5. My dear ... the nurse in me (yes, in a recent past life I worked as an RN) tells you to TAKE THE PILL! Yes, I know it may smell bad, or do a number on your gut, or make you 'irregular.'

    But your heart and other vital organs need oxygen to power your body ... and the hemoglobin binds to the oxygen and carries it to vital parts of your body. The hemoglobin molecule needs IRON! So, you didn't listen to your doc telling to take the pills ... so your body screams at you to take the pills!

    Praying for you. Are you sure the pills are enough, at this point? Sometimes, some woman need an IV infusion of iron. And Sometimes some woman need a blood transfusion. Both of these boost the blood count to a healthy level.

    God made you ... fashioned your body. As such, its sacred. So, Tabitha, please take care of yourself ... of your body. [The nurse says so! :^) ]

  6. I know it's hard to take those pills, they can just make your intestinal tract go haywire. But do it anyway!!! Honey take it with a MEAL and don't take it right at bedtime. Don't add fiber on top of it at the same time. Get some good bites of food down first and then, DOWN THE HATCH.

  7. I love you all!!! And I promise I will not allow this to happen again!! God gave me this body and I will take better care of it.

    Thank You For Caring!!!

  8. Hey Girl... None of us are willing to let you cash out... so... SWALLOW THAT PILL EVERY DARN DAY!

    And be good to yourself, you deserve it.

    It's so nice to know that there are nice people like you in this big ole' blog-sphere.


  9. tabitha,take care.only when we are healthy can we take care of others.praying for your good health

  10. Hi there! I can relate! I have a severe iron diffeciency.. one that caused me to almost need a blood transfusion! To top it off I don't eat meat! A few 'little' ways to boost iron..(the pills make me sick)..grapenut creal! 90% of your daily intake!!! and cooking in a non-coated cast iron pot!!
    hope you feel better!! Be careful!!

  11. Bless you girl, take care of yourself! It's important! Happy Anniversary... and you won the Bliss giveaway!!! Maybe that'll remind you to keep taking some time for yourself :)

    Send me your info and I'll get it out to you!



  12. I'm supposed to be taking iron pills daily too, so I feel for you. I know what it's like to forget something so small.
    Try putting the bottle beside your toothbrush? That's what I do to MAKE me remember!

    Have a great weekend...and although we don't share the same beliefs regarding Easter weekend, I admire how strong and focused your faith is and wish you the most wonderful spiritual Easter weekend!

  13. You are in my prayers!!! It is so hard for women to put them self first...we are tuned to help others. I think you got your wake up call...so listen to the doc and take your pills!!! We need you here!

  14. I am the worst at taking pills! I used to have a Thyroid condition in middle school and high school and I never took my thyroid medicine!

    It's hard for you to put you first because you are a mother. God made women (well, most!) naturally selfless so he could send his spirit children to earth, and know they were with those he could trust!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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