I'm Pooped!!!

Ok, so that is not me in the photo (it's Princess Charlie), but it is exactly how I feel right now. I've been to two different doctors today, so I've been gone ALL DAY. Since going back on my iron pills my iron levels have increased! Dr.H made it perfectly clear that I am to remain on them until he checks my levels again. He sent me to the lab today for a little blood work, but the next iron levels won't be drawn again until June, so I Must be a good patient.

I also saw my Gyno, the fabulous Dr. G and we talked about my hormone levels. In 07 I had to have a hysterectomy due to a tumor that was the size of a cantaloupe. So, now my hormones are a bit out of wack. Horrible Horrible night sweats, so I was placed on a med to help regulate that. Today he told me that it has kicked in so early because of my anemia. Once that is regulated my body will cooperate fully, so Yay for me!!

I feel so much lighter now that I know everything will be fine!! I am SO determined to drop 20 pounds. No one said I needed to, but I feel I should. And I will!! (If I can get Hubby to stop cooking such yummy food!!)

I pray everyone had an awesome day today!! It's hot here in San Antonio, but God blessed us with a beautiful day of Sunshine and good news!!

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  1. Yay to your good news! Here's to feeling better :) Now, get some rest!

  2. Oh hon - I'm sorry!!! Hang in there!!! Are you feeling ok though? Other than tired?
    Thank you so much for your comments!! What a blessing you are to me!! I wish I had someone I could get a break from like that. Your sister is blessed to have you!! My sisters are too far away. I think sometimes it helps for us and them to just step away and breathe. Huge hugs hon and hope all goes well.
    Blessings, Sarah

  3. I know what you mean when hormones and blood levels are off. Makes me feel completely light headed and loopy. Hoping everything gets perfecting regulated out for you soon!

  4. Hey Iron Woman....glad you are being tended too get you some rest. We will be here when you wake up :-)

  5. Well now, you do exactly what those 2 Drs. tell you to do. Been there done that and wouldn't want to do it again....
    Get plenty of rest.

  6. Iron is so important to women. I'm glad you are getting everything in balance. How come men don't have these issues? :))

  7. Hope you are feeling better. I bet your hubby is a really great cook. I checked out his blog and plan to continue. He had a great recipe I wanted to try. Take care.

  8. ugh. hormones being off is NOT fun. I am so glad your docs are working with you to get that regulated and get you in complete health. I know you can do this!!!


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