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I am a part of a fabulous group of people here in blogland called "Joy Rebels." The creator Brandi asked the following question and my brain went to work!

I was wondering what being a joy rebel meant to anyone else? And what are those expressions of self where you find yourself naturally feeling joy??

I naturally find joy in giving to others. Making someone else feel happy brings me complete and utter joy, but there is an expression of self that I will say I'm pretty good at that also fills my soul with Joy. That expression of self is - Poetry

When I write poetry I can be totally and completely honest. In my writing I can express myself and once I'm done I experience true Bliss. When I started this blog I was suppose to share my poetry, but because they didn't receive much attention I stopped, but that is so NOT being true to myself. So, today I will post my poetry and not give a damn (pardon my french) if it gets 1 comment or 50. I write for many reasons, but the most important reason is God gave me a gift and I Must use it to the fullest.

Thank you Brandi for asking this question and for awakening the poetess in me!!

Gentle Rain - Tabitha D
January 5, 2009

It's like a gentle rain
falling over my soul
crashing into my being like hard waves
Yet, it comforts me
It comforts me like the sun does on a warm summer day
beaming it's life into mine gently
And my mind is open and receptive
Ready to receive all that the universe has to offer

In the dark I hear the rain
tapping gently against my inner window
wanting me to know that it's there
Waiting for me to acknowledge it's presence
so I slide into my slippers and join the rain in a dance
We dance to celebrate life
and the beauty in which it holds
We dance to celebrate one another
for in this moment we are ONE

It's like a gentle rain
cradling me to sleep and gently awakening me in the morn
A new life, a new love and endless possibilities
Never torn on what the next step may be
because Faith is my tour guide
and she knows that the secret to true happiness
is to simply be...Free
So I am
and I love, laugh, cry and praise
Knowing every given time I will be heard

It's like a gentle rain
that uplifts my soul
and cheers me on throughout each day
It nurtures who I am
and molds who I am to become
with the sun, moon and stars
Limitless are my dreams
as long as IT exists

I thrive to feel it with every breath
and hold on to it with all that's within me
I seek guidance from it
and am covered in it

It's like a gentle rain
lighting my path through life
and washing away any sorrow
Healing me from pain
and strengthening my tomorrow

God's Love...It's like a gentle rain


  1. What, What's that sound.... You hear it, I do.. it's the sound of pages turning...I hear a book, oh yes I do...I can smell it too...
    Tabitha that was beautiful..."just do it" :-) I can't wait to read more, maybe even have a link to a "special just Tabitha blog" think it's about time something like that took place just for "Tabitha" don't you?

  2. ... falling over my soul ...

    love that line and the imagery it evokes in my mind.


  3. You are joy Tabby, a wonderful gift from God. I so love coming to visit your blog. I believe that bringing happiness, joy to others is the best gift of all. Priceless!!

    xoxoxo LisaLisa

  4. Dar, I can not tell you the beautiful feeling you placed inside of me today!! This blog was suppose to be just about and for "Tabitha", but somehow I geared off, but I'm back on track now!

    I SO Love You Dar!!!

    Tinkerbell, I truly am honored by your comment! I hold your opinion very high, so I'm truly stoked right now! Thank you!

    LisaLisa, Your comment added to my already huge smile! I'm soo honored that you love visiting my blog! May you never leave!

  5. You know that joy you get in giving to others? And the joy you get from writing poetry? Well, you just made us all joyful, too, darlin'. Keep writing! xo

  6. Poetry is a hard sell in today's world, but keep writing it and publishing it on your blog, Tabby, and someday it will return to be "in style" in the literary world and someone will want to publish a complilation of your work in a beautiful book!

    Don't feel bad if your poems don't get too many comments. After all, on the Internet, it seems that often, it's the wacky, sometimes ridiculous stuff that seems to draw in the comments! People don't know CHAFF from GRAIN!!!

    I like the "washing away any sorrow" line especially...

  7. Diane, you fill me with joy as well my friend! Thank you!!

    Penniwig, I belong to a huge poetry community, so it is indeed alive and kicking. :)
    I've never wished to have my poetry in a book of just my writings. I have been published in 6 compilation books, but that's as far as I wish to take that. :)

    I agree, it's the truly offensive and harsh words that seem to get a great deal of attention on the Internet, but I happen to have you on my side, so nothing else matters. :)

  8. Tabby, did you know that my friend Boneman has your non-profit info listed on his sidebar? He couldn't contribute when I posted the info on my blog but he said he could help in this way. I wasn't sure if you knew...

  9. You are a very inspiring soul, y'know.

  10. Thank You Thank You Carmi!!

  11. How beautiful! Did you know this month is National Poetry Month? Check out my blog and read more about it.

    I love your attitude, Tabitha. Thanks for reminding us all of what is real.


  12. I love rain and your poem does it justice :)

  13. Wow, Tabitha. You really are a writer. You give of yourself not only with your time and your heart, but also with your words.

    I am so happy to have discovered your blog.


  14. Well, Tabitha, my first visit on your site and I'm greeted by rain. You have no idea how much your poem is how I think about life. And RAIN! Oh my gosh, I always associate rain with all the bountiful blessings of God "raining" down on me. In fact, I had a very fun ah-ha! moment just this morning that I'll write about one day.

    Don't ever consider what others do on their blogs, nor what kind of writing you should do to encourage more comments. Your poem is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Your heart just shines---and THAT is what you should write for. ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  15. PS: I love your web address! :)

  16. oh my gosh! that poem is absolutely lovely. I am SO glad you choose to share it with us.

    and I lovelovelove that giving to others brings you such joy.

  17. beautiful poem.
    let it rain gently and let's all get wet happily!
    you have given me a new way of thinking,thank you.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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