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The Lord will not cast off his people, nor will he forsake his inheritance.
Psalm 94:14

Today I'm Grateful:
For a new day
His message
Our health & home

This morning I watched Joyce Meyer as I do every morning and I heard something just for me. A message.
It said "Get it right." I know exactly what it means and what I must do.

I've been spending time with God today listening to my zen music, burning my yummy Cherry Lemonade Soy Candle and reading the book pictured above. Embracing His goodness and mercy. Asking him to cradle me in his arms. To uplift me. It's weird, but not so weird. I feel completely at peace. I called on Him believing he would take care of everything and He is. To know True Love like this is overwhelming, but in a great and beautiful way.

I'm truly starting to see and feel how adding my "Spiritual To Do List" and my "10 Commandments" to His word daily has strengthened me so much. It also brings me great Joy, because although I wrote them down in my handwriting they are very much His words. He guides me in every aspect and knowing this allows me to stand right back up when I fall.

I'm at Peace
because He Lives
I'm at Peace
because of His Love
I'm at Peace
because He made it so

I wish there were a stronger word than grateful. But, for now that word fully describes my State of Being perfectly. I am living in an imperfect world and I'm Deeply and Completely Grateful to be here.

Doing this brings me joy.
Project Uplift~May 1st 2009
I'm mailing these off to a few people in need of uplifting.



  1. Today I'm grateful for...

    You :)

  2. That looks like a good book. I watch Joyce Meyers sometimes, too. I love to feel at peace with the world and life. It is a great feeling. Bless you.

  3. Happy Monday! You are busy already giving joy and kindness to others!

    Your candle scent sounds GREAT!!! I have some Tai Chi music I like to put on and just play over and over, very calming and seems to open a path for thoughts...

  4. and you, my dear, bring me joy too!

  5. oh dear Tabby, I know that those who get your notes...will indeed feel the spirit of love!
    (ps I watch JM also) :) :)

  6. You have got to be the sweetest most loving person I have had the privilege of becoming friends with!

    I love reading your blog!

  7. Oh, those letters are sweet. I think that's a great idea! Thanks always for your uplifting words.

  8. I spent the better part of today feeling sorry for myself, you know, despairing over grieving and feeling alone. Just a thought of you makes me remember hope. And that, I am not alone. No one is, really.

  9. beautiful post--thank you for that!

  10. Those are beautiful notes of uplifting that you have written!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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