Yes We Can!!! (Obama Baby!!)

I saw with my family and right before my very eyes I witnessed history being made.
I can not describe the pride, joy and hope that flows through my body.
WE as a Nation raised our voices collectively
WE have spoken
and from the bottom of our hearts
WE sing


This is My America
Your America
Our America

History has been made with a resounding roar!
Change Has Come

I Proudly Accept, Support and Introduce To You
Our 44th President Of The United States

Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Grateful For:
1. My Life and Health
2. Possibilities
3. The Faith of A Nation
4. Those Who Paved The Way
5. Positive Change
6. This Day


  1. I was up late watching the news and hoping he would be the new President! I believe in change and I'm glad it's coming!

    God bless our beautiful country!


  2. Let's keep praying for our country...And pray for our enemies as the Word tells us to do.

  3. I cried on the phone with my Mom...she is 73 and never thought she would see the day! I let my daughter stay up late to watch his speech...I am so proud! I am proud to be an American today. I am finally filled with hope. We have a lot of work to do collectively...but we finally have a leader with a heart and a soul...ok, I am crying again...

  4. Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!
    I felt so fantastic about lastnight. My children were so happy. I was so proud to know that my vote counted for something. My children even voted at school and they knew so much when it comes to this election. I'm just so happy. "GOD IS GOOD"


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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