A New Do

I'm the type of mom who spends my last nickel on my child and household items, but yesterday I wanted to treat myself. I've been wanting my hair cut for 6 months now, so I took that leap of faith and went for it. It turned out beautifully!!!

Right after getting it cut that feeling of guilt kicked in. I thought of a million and one things I could have spent that money on, then hubby slapped (not literally) me back to reality. And just seeing the excitement upon his face was well worth it!

I'm glad I went through with it, because it truly lifted my spirits AND I feel Sexy! (Hubba Hubba!)

I'm Grateful For:
*A new day
*God's love
*Love of self
*An exciting day
*Answered prayers

Today's Lesson:
Follow Peace - Living a life of peace is indeed a sure way of receiving bliss.

Things I Know For Sure:
*I am loved
*I give love
*I'm beautiful
*Life is beautiful
*I'm grateful
*I create my own happiness
*Laughter heals the soul

By: Tabitha D.

Beauty surrounds me
Divine scenes appear everyday
I'm in Heaven now


  1. Your hair does look great. And, your smile is radiant.

  2. I need a new haircut. I've had mine cut short now for over 8 years!

  3. Oh I am so happy that you are feeling joyful, the cut looks great...and your hubby loves it too? Oh NICE !
    Everyone deserves a little wee bit of pampering, LOL....so you enjoy it! xo

  4. Never feel guilty by taking care of yourself! We give too much away...and you must remember to receive!! Plus your hair looks great! You're beaming!

  5. Your hair looks wonderful and I bet it is easy to take care of. You are such a pretty person both inside and out. You know, I read your story below and had never noticed you had limbs missing in your photos. I was too busy looking at your pretty face! I was shocked that I did not notice before you brought it to my attention. That should tell you something about yourself. I love reading your blog and thanks for visiting mine.

  6. Thank you all So very much for those beautiful comments! I am honored and truly blessed to have crossed your paths!

  7. I love reading your beautiful and uplifting blog and am so glad you took some time and money just for you. Your hair cut is fabulous and your smile radiant!

  8. You look marrrrrrrrrrvelous dahling! :)

  9. Your smile is contagious little one! I love love love the new do and I most definitely love you!

    See Ya Tonight!!

  10. Bwan chicka bwan bwan!
    You look wonderful. Stop feeling guilty and enjoy yourself.
    BTW I love reading your blog. Sometimes I try so hard to be well hard that its nice to read a blog that is uplifting and honest.


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