I Am Not The Same

Three years ago we were living in beautiful New Orleans. I had lived there all of my life and I can honestly say it is a deep part of who I am. All my life I was taught about God and his love, mercy and grace. I've always strongly believed, but was one of those people who just went with the flow. If a problem arose I'd be the first to freak out.

My grandma would say "give it to God" and I would, but I'd still stress over it. It was after Hurricane Katrina did her dirt and we were relocated to Texas that I started to feel something stirring inside of me. A string of events took place and with each new event I noticed something Huge. I was not to the same!

Nov 06 - I found out I had a tumor, which was 10 centimeters wide growing on my uterus. My first reaction was fear joined with tears, but then this doctor looked me in my eyes and with every fiber in his being assured me that he would not allow anything to happen to me. His confidence made me believe! I tell everyone still today it was as if God was speaking through him.

Feb 07 - My big brother A introduced me to this movie online called "The Secret". For me the secret was significant, because what I learned was to live positively. Yes, I've known we should live this way all my life, but I didn't always do it. It was the act of my brother sharing this with me that made me want to put this way of living into effect on a permanent basis.

Oct 07 - God had been placing a mission within my heart since 92. I would start it, then let the negativity of others lead me to stop. Well, in 07 I think God had enough, because he lit a fire so strong within my heart to deny him would have been an ultimate sin. I stopped caring what others thought and did what HE wanted me to do. Since 07 we've created and given out over 4,000 goody bags to ill and homeless children!

July 08 - My greatest source of strength (My Grandma) passed away. I could not breathe! (literally) I just knew I would not go on until I saw her in her coffin. Do you remember Touched By An Angel? Do you remember how the Angels would glow? In my head this is what I saw when I looked at my Grams. From that moment I no longer feared death. Some say I've embraced it a bit too much, but that's for another blog. LOL

All of these events along with the family God has placed me in has helped me to get where I am today. The me of today can say without any doubt "I'm At Peace". Problems still arise, but I am now able to handle them with ease and grace. I've learned a very huge lesson in these past three years.

Lesson Learned: We Are Not In Control
He Is In Complete Control

I've learned that if I truly let him lead me, even if I stumble I will NOT fall. His way is best and he's been proving it strongly within my home, heart and soul. I surrendered! And in doing so I am no longer the same. I see life totally different now! I embrace what is to be even if at times I may wonder why it is happening.

I Say This Often: It Is What It Is (I didn't make that up)

What is meant to be will be and there's absolutely nothing we can do to alter it, so just breathe, believe and flow with God. He'll never mislead you!

How Do I Truly Know?

Because He removed the kaleidoscope lens from my eyes and allows me to see the world for what it truly is. In return for my obedience, trust and loyalty he's allowing me to never be the same again.

Today I Feel:
~God's Love & Guidance

What do you feel today?
How have you been changed? Let's talk! ☺

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  1. What a beautiful and touching testament of faith! Very inspiring.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and lovely comments on my blog! :)

  2. Great post!! I went through a time when things were happening back to back too! It helped me learn FAITH! God has also put a ministry in my heart. I'm glad to hear that yours has come to pass! Do you have a website for your ministry?

  3. Today I feel cold! It is only 29....but seriously, I feel blessed and happy to have found your blog. I feel inspired by your story and I fell wonderful in knowing I do not have control, nor do I have to control because our great and wonderful and amazing God is doing that for us! AMEN and BLESSING!

  4. Thank you all so very much for reading my words and for commenting. It truly means the world to me!

  5. You must enjoy my calling you in tears! You inspire me Tabby and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

  6. Wow, where do I begin. Telling my life story would probably be an a equivalent to a mini - series:) But joking aside, it took me almost all my life to come up to this point and say that I am important. Crazy huh? I'm not going into details about me, but just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to all of us.

    Also, have you ever heard or saw the movie - "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay? I strongly recommend it.

    Talk to you later,


  7. Tabby...you are a pillar of strength! Wonderful, inspiring post! It is amazing what we can go through. Faith carries us far...

  8. Just Awesome Stuff! To God be the Glory!

  9. mmmhmmm i so love the depth and honesty with which you write.
    so very pleased to meet you.


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