Living My Life (My Story)

Living my life has never truly been hard thanks to my family. Although I was missing limbs that never lead them to treat me as a handicapped child. I played every game my cousins played and was told constantly by my Grandparents that I could do and be ANYTHING I put my heart to. My dream has always been to help others. That's always what I wanted more than anything else. Many doctors told my mom I would never walk.

Other naysayers said I wouldn't be able to raise a child.

There have been many other things naysayers have doubted me on, but God had something different to say! He said I would excel in whatever I touched and He's NEVER wrong my friends. Even though I was raised with much confidence being pumped into me there still came a time when I wanted to be invisible. Only because I feared my successful moments (strange right?), but it happened. Then God stepped in and said "Come To The Front Of The Stage My Child." I did and now I scream His praises every single day I awake! I don't want this to be a long and drawn out post. My words for today are very simple.

Believe In You!

Know that He is in control at EVERY given moment. Your story has already been written, so just flow with it trusting in Him completely. You are beautiful just as you are! You do not need man nor woman to validate your worth or beauty. We are created in His image therefore, we are Masterpieces. Your imperfections are perfected by His unconditional love.

You Can Achieve Anything Your Heart Desires

Regardless to what I look like it is human nature for people to find fault in others and I honestly get that now. In order for me to become successful in all that I hope to achieve I must make the audience (people) SEE ME and I must embrace and love them seeing me. For I am an image of God, therefore, I am breathtakingly beautiful. Not just inside, but outside as well!

I WILL be a success in life, in all that I choose to do and with all those I choose to love. Whoever said there is POWER in prayer should receive some sort of medal for being so damned profound. It's simply amazing how God talks to us in a whisper, yet we often choose to ignore his words even though we know what he's saying is for the very best. God spoke to me and I listened. With my heart, mind, body and soul I wrapped myself within his words and he set me FREE. He gave me something no one could ever give me no matter how hard they try. He gave me LOVE, STRENGTH & GUIDANCE.

I've been writing poetry for 21 years now, never truly being heard. He strengthened my voice and I'm forever thankful. Now people will SEE & HEAR ME and they will love to read, as I love to write the words from the heart and soul of a Handicape-able Blessing.

I adore Me!
You should adore YOU♥


  1. Thank you, Tabitha, for sharing your story here - and really for giving me hope - and belief - in "me". You are truly a beautiful person - inside and out! And, reading this, I'm reminded of a Garth Brooks song - Unanswered Prayers. I think sometimes when we pray to God - we don't realize that just because we don't get what we're asking for - God IS still answering our prayers - just not with the answer we think we should get. I've done that anyway - prayed and then wondered if God is really hearing what I'm saying. I know now that He is - that He love me (and you) very much. And He has a plan for me (and you). Even if it's not what I think it should be.

    Continue to be a shining light in this world Tabitha!

  2. This is a great post. It almost ties into mine titled "I've Got a Secret". We can't wait for others to make us feel successful. If we wait for that then we'll be waiting forever!

    God makes ways for us that we could NEVER make for ourselves!

  3. Oh Tabitha! What a beautiful, strong, loving INSPIRATION you are. You ARE bliss! Thank you sweetie, and may life shower you with continued blessings. :)♥

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. You have such a beautiful light and I am honored to know you. You remind us all that we are here for a purpose...don't fight it...flow with God's wisdom and TRUST. Thank you!

  5. What a beautiful post and so very true! I believe in the One who created me and that means I have to believe what he says about me. :) The wonderful thing is that we are captivating when we just "be" the person God has called us to be and rest in his truths. I have had the blessing of having Him smooth out my edges layer at a time with his rushing Living Water. This post truly resonated with where He is working in me during this chapter and season of my life. :) Thank you so much for sharing your story... I had no idea. ;) Be encouraged as you are encouraging others. :)

    Thank you also for your comments and visits. It blesses my heart to share the journey. :)

    One of my favorite peices of nourishment is Psalm 139 ... it connects to 2 Cor. 12:9-10... He created us with our limitations for His complete Grace and Mercy. :) Our imperfections, limitations, gifts and abilities are all created for His purpose and glory. :)

  6. Well you know what...I loved you before I knew this...And I love you still.
    You are a blissful blessing in my life :)

  7. Wow, very beautifully said. I constantly struggle with the ideal image on how I should be. And you are right, we are the masterpiece of God's creation and take it as that. We are perfect in every way.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  8. Tabitha,

    Thank you for your honest sharing of your life and your heart. Thank you for the encouragement you offer each day. God is truly good, all the time.

  9. I am so glad I found your blog (through a comment you left on Awareness). You are an inspiration to me. I want to have just half of your positive attitude and confidence!!!


  11. You are a very sweet angel, a most beautiful soul and an inspiration to us all.
    Thank you for being YOU.

    Godbless Lynn xx

  12. Dearest Tabitha,

    I just want you to know that you are beautiful inside and out.

    You are loved by all who know you.

    And you are a blessing to the world.

    You give me strength and courage on my own journey and I thank you for the power of your spirit.

    May everything beautiful be yours and may your family know peace and love in endless abundance,

    Love to you Powerful, Wonderful friend,


  13. I look foward to coming back to your blog. Your story is beyond
    I added your blog to my "favs" link that ok w/you?
    you can see it listed here:

    keep shining!

  14. Love to you ... what a beautiful post. You are indeed beautiful.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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