These Are The Facts

These Are The Facts

I am a daugher
I am a mother
I am a sister
I am an aunt
I am a wife
I am a child of God

I eat, breathe and live poetry (since I was 5)
I'm a hopeless romantic
I become a big kid around Christmas time
I live for my daughter, my nieces and my nephews
I live accordingly in hopes of guiding them correctly
I Believe in miracles
I Believe in magic
I was born handicapped, but have never lived as a handicapped person
I graduated from high school
I even attended college (woohoo!)
I can sing (family trait)
I can dance
I live life - it does NOT live me
I'm sassy and feisty (another family trait)
I'm compassionate
I tend to wear my heart upon my sleeve (I now know this is not a bad trait)

I dislike ignorance (with a deep rooted passion)
I dislike racism (with a deep, dark rooted passion)
I dislike mothers who don't value their kids

I love family (not those who pretend to be family)
I adore mothers who would fight the devil himself for their kids
I love helping those in need
I love dogs
I love God
I love life
I love possibilities
I love achieving


I uplift
I embrace
I hold
I comfort
I praise

My greatest joy lies within children

I love all types of music
I love comedies
I love romantic films
I love comic hero movies
I love blogging
I love learning
I love growing

I am ME and I love Her!

Who are you?
What are your likes and dislikes?
What are your hopes and dreams?

Both pictures created by me using Photoshop Elements


  1. ooohhh!
    this is inspiring!
    I am going to need to come back after chores and write my own facts!
    what a great way to start my day! thank you!

  2. I am your friend! Your supporter...your prayer partner...and your shared sister in so many many things!
    What a bright way to start the day...thanks Tabby!

  3. Wonderful list! Thanks for sharing...wish more people felt like you ;)

  4. Breathtaking, Tabby! What joy! How much love! Thank you! :)

  5. I love this post. I love it because you are proud to be you. I wish every woman could be.

  6. Tabitha -- What an inspirational post! And, because I just purchased Photoshop Elements, I'm so impressed with your pictures. Maybe you should be doing a photo blog too!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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