Giveaway Friday!

I've been on a few blogs where the owner has given away some cool item to their readers via a contest. I think this to be a fabulous idea and thought I'd take a crack at it!

The picture to the left is of a genuine New Orleans Mardi Gras Mask (my hometown). This is the prize for the lucky winner!

Rules: Tell me what is your favorite post within this blog and why? That simple!
All names of participants will be entered into a bowl and one lucky winner will be drawn.

The contest will end at midnight on Nov 28th. Winner will be announced at 12 noon on Nov 28th.

After the winner is announced he/she should email me with a valid mailing address. PO boxes are welcome!

I kindly request that you invite your friends to join in on the fun!

Happy Writing!


  1. I sent a tweet out on Twitter about your contest!

  2. I love your post with your new "do". Very nice!

  3. I love all your posts...and I hope you know i am not here for the mere offering of a contest... :)
    My favorite...oh how hard fair, no fair! LOL
    Ok, I really think I love the "New Do"...
    Why? because it is so, in the took a step, right then, that day...and wrote about the journey. You were good to yourself, and felt the guilt and then the beauty of loving yourself completely, in even the little your pampered moment!
    That post embodies your entire life...Loving yourself and feeling blessed xoxoxo

  4. Great, love the giveaway. Funny, I collect these masks so I'm pulling extra hard to get this. I will email you later today.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. My favorite post is These Are the Facts. I told you why on that post. But, also because you said, "I no longer fear." My heart said, "Yes, sister. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. No fear." That sentence of yours encompasses so many of your other posts and your life events. No fear.

  6. R.L.Scovens - I greatly appreciate your support!

    Grandma J - I love that one to! Thank you for entering!

    TheMuse - I know without a doubt that you are a sweet and kind friend. Your presence brings me joy!

    ShareWorldLove - These masks are awesome right? Folk here in Texas always ask me to bring them one when I go visit home! Thanks!

    Relyn - I can't stop smiling. Your words have lifted me truly! God Bless!

    Warm Hugs 2 You All!!!!

  7. Ok, I finally have the one that I like the most. It took me a while because it was very hard to choose. I love them all, but what touched me is the post of "Living My Life". I just started believing in me this year (took me this long, but better late than never - right?)

    Keep up with brightening up our days and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!



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