Uplifting Your Spirit

By reading many positive blogs and by listening to Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen speak I find great inspiration. I believe I was placed upon those paths so that I could receive the spiritual nourishment I SO desire. But, the flip side to this is in receiving this gift I must become the "uplifter". I truly have no problem with this at all, because I'm a STRONG believer that God speaks through those who choose to become "uplifters". Without knowing it the positive vibes we put forth into the universe become a great source of nourishment for someone who may have been lost or starving for positivity. Maybe, they are surrounded by negative people who drain them of their very being. This is not how it is meant to be, so I believe God (or whomever you worship) places us on these paths that lead us to speak with or read the words of someone who Uplifts our being.

Maybe you are in a marriage, which to you may fall apart at any given moment. You come across a blog of a lady whose went through the same thing as you, but within her blog she speaks of the POSITIVE methods she and her hubby used to get their marriage back on track. Before reading her blog you thought there was absolutely NO WAY to repair your marriage and now you see Hope.

You may be the type of person who has a chaotic home life. You work a full time job, have 4 kids, have to clean your home and nothing about yourself pleases you. Then one day while sitting in a doctors office you watch another mom with 5 kids speak pleasantly about being a single mom with the same circumstances as you. You have an extra body within your home to help you physically, emotionally and financially. You start to focus on the positives more than the negatives.

All of this is divinely orchestrated. I am inspired everyday by many people whom I've never met face to face and I know deep in my heart it was meant for me to find them. As it is meant for you to find me. Each night I sit at my desk and Pray. I pray and ask God "What would you like to say tonight Father?" Sometimes, it comes to me in my sleep. But mostly, in the quiet of my room he speaks to my heart.

If everyone conciously decided today to become "uplifters" lives would change dramatically. Suicide rates would plumet. Self cutting would slowly fade away. Maybe, our strength and positivity could even rid us of the nastiness of addictions one day. Speaking kindly has power behind it. Have you ever truly thought of that? Have you ever wondered how your kind words may truly affect another? Try It!

You will never find me taking part in a pitty party. That is a selfish act! I can not uplift you if I sit on the floor and boo hoo right along with you. What purpose would I be serving? However, if I aim to focus more on the positives then I stand a greater chance of pulling you up out of that black hole you jumped into.

This Is My Goal As An Uplifter

I strive as a way of giving back each day to uplift your being. I write in hopes that when you close my blog you are smiling. I wish for you to Feel and Know that through me God spoke to you today. When I read positive blogs and listen to Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen I KNOW FOR A FACT that God is speaking to me. What is he saying by leading me to these fellow "uplifters?"

He's Saying I Love You

What greater gift could there be than to receive his love? I hope that when you read my words or hold a conversation with me you feel loved, happy, warmth and most definitely uplifted.


  1. You are most definitely my uplifter! This is beautiful Tab and I adore your spirit!

    Your Sis-In-Law

  2. Thank yo so much for sharing your sweet spirit with the world. God has most definately purposed you for this time and this place to bring encouragement to others. :) have a beautiful day and I truly enjoy your visits. :D

  3. I really enjoyed this today! A wonderful reminder :)

  4. To have met you here...and to read your words...was truly Heaven sent!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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