Who I Am Is Enough!

Being born with deformities can pose some issues throughout life. My family in no way ever allowed me to feel, think or act handicapped. Whatever games and activities my sisters or cousins were involved in I had better been included. Throughout school I was very vocal and active, so it may seem crazy when I say I wanted to be invisible. I wish I had some profound reason as to why I felt this way. By all accounts I had NO REASON at all to want this, but there it was.

I have been writing poetry since I was 14 and I learned a lot about myself through this, but it wasn't until I started to take journal writing to heart that I TRULY found answers. I was NOT in love with me. How can I expect others to fully love me or for my desires to come to life if I was half-stepping? So, I started writing down what I didn't like about me and that list was an eye opener for me. Because, the only thing that I didn't like about myself was I was blocking my blessings. Then, I did a list of what I loved about myself and that list is STILL growing til today.

I realized that I was a masterpiece in the eyes of God! He created me just as I am for a purpose and that purpose was revealed to me plainly in 2006. For years he kept placing the desire within my heart to help others, but I fought it (basing my decision on what others were doing). Once I grasped the true concept that this was MY mission life for me began to flow smoothly and opened doors (spiritual & professionally) that I never knew existed.

I've Learned That:

  • I am phenomenally beautiful
  • I create my own happiness
  • I have NEVER been handicapped
  • I can do Anything
  • I SO Love Me!
  • God SO Loves Me
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I'm created in the image "HE" chose for me (I'm grateful for that)
  • I should NEVER search for flaws
  • Be grateful for EVERYTHING
  • My destiny has already been planned
  • My worth is Priceless
  • I never need to be invisible or be who I am NOT, because
  • Who I Am Is Enough


  1. This is something that I have been neglecting a long time. I tend to love everything else, do things for everyone else but at the cost of not paying attention to myself in the process. Your right, I am enough. How can someone love me, when I don't love myself. I'm making my list tonight!

    Take Care,

  2. You are more than enough for God and certainly for me, (my new friend in HIM).....
    This posting is so reflective.
    I am happy you are at peace Tabby!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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