The Masterpiece In Your Life

The Masterpiece In Your Life
By: Tabitha D.

For years I had allowed fear to determine the outcome of my life. It wasn't until recently my eyes were opened to this. In many ways I knew, but denied it wholeheartedly. I was afraid of succeeding! Afraid of being the best I could be. Unlike many others who suffer from this I can honestly say I know why I was afraid.

After watching a movie entitled "The Secret" I truly started to look at myself and ask "what do you want in your life?" "Do you want fear to cripple you?" Naturally, I answered myself. I do not want self-doubt to cripple me in any way. I want to live a peaceful, healthy and successful life. In order to achieve this I must let go of all negativity and learn to trust myself.

The Secret is The Law Of Attraction. You alone attract that which is in your life. If you think and feel positive you will continue to attract those positive vibes. If you allow nothing but negative feelings or thoughts to surround you, then you are setting yourself up for more negativity to enter your space. This should be unacceptable to all.

I've learned many lessons from many people in my life, but no one could have prepared me for the gift my brother was about to give me. In my eyes I've literally gone to hell and back. Knowing that being here is a gift, but to see the world in the way God intended us to see it is simply Heaven On Earth. My brother gave me that gift by sharing what he had now learned.

There's a quote that I have loved since the very first day I read it and it goes "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." I find that quote to be breathtaking in itself. I believe in this quote and try desperately to live by it.
Life is what YOU make of it and with so much bad going on in the world we sometimes get caught up in it and forget. We are all human, so we all tend to forget more than we wish to admit. The answer lies in how we change our perception, our way of thinking and feeling.

My life is a gift from God and one day I will ask him face to face to forgive me (although he has already) for wasting so many opportunities. The saying "Life is Short" is filled with truth and we must not take for granted any second he gives to us. Again, we are human, so it is understood if it takes us a moment to grasp this concept and run with it. I have grasped it and I'll never let go! Never again will I ignore the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

I find myself more emotional these days. Not sad or hurt, but joyful and grateful that I am LOVED. Not the love people say just because, but truly loved. I know within my heart that my child and my Father God love me unconditionally. This alone gives me the strength I need to say "I Am The Masterpiece In My Life!"

Be the masterpiece in your life by allowing yourself to do three things. Ask for what you want in your life. Believe that you can get and deserve what you ask for. Receive your blessings, because they are indeed a gift. Manifest your truest destiny and I'm sure every moment that follows will be consumed with bliss. Be who you are meant to be!

"A Masterpiece"

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  1. Oh yes fear...


    It can be crippling...but I am learning that it has no power.


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