The Season Of Giving

In the spirit of giving I wanted to tell you all about an organization that my family and I are deeply involved with. It's called Make A Child Smile and the goal is to get as many people as possible to send cards or small gifts directly to the monthly featured children.

Founded in May of 1998, by Alexandra Bakker, the Make A Child Smile Organization, also known as MACS, has been a source of support to children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses and their families. Emotional support is provided by creating the opportunity for people to visit the MACS website and learn about the children and their illnesses.

Each month, new children are featured. A picture and biography describing the child and information about their family is published on the website. Hundreds of 'net surfers, schools, service organizations, girls/boys scouts and church groups use the MACS website as a philanthropic project where they can send cards, letters and small gifts to the featured children and their siblings through postal mail.

If you are looking to spread some kindness around this is a great way to start! We have been involved with MACS for a year now and we truly love sending cards/little goody bags to the beautiful featured children.
This organization is close to my heart, so I feel it's right to spread the word about it. These kids need that extra love, so I encourage you all to maybe send just a card. If your heart says do more then please feel free to send a very small gift.

I include things like: stickers, stampers, notepad, harmonica or even a coloring book w/crayons.

I hope you'll visit the page and see how you can help Make A Child Smile!


  1. I am familiar with MACS, and it's a wonderful way to add some joy to the life of a sick child. Thank you for the reminder that this time we need to take a moment to make a difference.

  2. Thank you! I would like to be a part of this.

  3. @Chocolate Covered Day Dreams - If you'd like just go to their site and you'll find three beautiful featured kids there who are in need of some extra hugs and smiles. God Bless!

  4. Simply wonderful....Oh I think you have indeed found a worthy cause...What a blessing we can become to others!

  5. Oh! What an excellent and heart-warming charity! Thank you Tabby! I will definitely check it out! You are most definitely an angel :)

  6. Tabitha, thanks for sharing this organization - what a great way to encourage kids :)


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