What Inspires You?

I stumbled across a wonderful new blog written by Relyn and she was asking her reader's the question
What Inspires You?
Since I am DEEP into uplifting others as well as myself I thought it would be exciting to write about what inspires me! ☺

*God's word* *My daughter* *My Grandmother*
*Music * *Poetry* *Silence* *Nature*
*New Orleans Cuisine* *Riding Down Canal Street @ Night*
*Positive Minded People* *Sunshine* *Rain* *Christmas*
*Joyce Meyer* *Joel Osteen*
*Blogging* *Operation NICE* *The Kindness Center*
*Those Who Help The Needy*
*Silk's Poetry (A Dear Friend)* *Creating Goody Bags For Kids*
*A Child's Laughter* *The Smell Of A Newborn Baby*
*Moonlit Nights* *Scented Candles*

I'm Happy Because:

Laughter fills the air
Smiles are all around this place
Poetry makes smiles

Flowers bloom today
soft rain falls upon my face
Creations of God

Because I can laugh
Smile big at the passerby's
and breathe in fresh air

Because I fear not
Divine beings guide me now
Floating through each day

I have love from you
My Enchanting Family
You Are My Blessing

So, now I ask the question to you. What Inspires You My Friend?

Life is such a true blessing and each day we should take in to account those things that bring us sheer joy and give thanks for them. I am inspired daily by the simplest of things and I find excitement in this! Stop for a brief second and notice your surroundings. I promise you'll see inspiration in every aspect of your life.

I Wish You...Peace & Inspiration


  1. What an uplifting, inspirational blog! Thank you for visiting mine. I have added you to my list and will visiting often! ♥

  2. Hi! I'm a first time visitor. Love what I read and will definitely be back!

    Joyce Meyer inspires me...my son inspires me and my sister inspires me!

  3. Smiles...
    Smiles inspire me to accomplish all manner of great things... impossible things...
    Miraculously wonderful things !

  4. You. You inspire me. Blogging inspires me. The perfectly worded sentence inspires me. Fall color inspires me. So much. My daughter's laugh inspires me.

  5. Spring inspires me, my children inspire me, and on a good day work even inspires me.

    Happy SITS Day - and I have to start following you now!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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