Higher Ground

Higher Ground
By: Tabitha D.

The Song Begins:
"Obstacles and situations/People, places and things/I must overcome cause there's a battle to be won/With my mind set on higher things/These things have become my foot stool/I'm determined to reach my goal/I need peace for my soul."

These words are sung by Karen Clark-Sheard and are my reminder each and every time someone attempts to impose their negative views upon me. Until a few years ago I hadn't realized how other's negativity could seep into your very thoughts and totally change your mood. I knew I would feel bad after talking to certain people, but I would think "I love them, so I HAVE to deal with it and just shake it off."

BULLSH!T!! (That was my Grandfather's favorite word)

There is no law in this entire world that states "Just because you love someone or are family that gives them the right to force feed you their crap!" Ok, let's take this one step further. "No one...Not one single human being should ever have the power to steal your joy, peace, happiness, passion nor self-esteem. Those feelings are internal and the God within you is the only one who can change that.

With that being said we ALL know our Higher Power would never attempt to take away or remove these emotions, so why allow others to do so? The answer - We're human, but at the same time we must swim deep within our souls to find strength enough to say, "I've had enough!" "I won't allow you to take my peace away." If each of us wakes up ever morning knowing we alone own our emotions, those preaching negativity will never succeed at getting under our skin.

If you are unhappy in your job, are in an abusive relationship (of any kind), if negative people daily surround you. I say to you "change the situation immediately." Start by changing your way of thinking and feeling, then move forward in making decisions that will be best for you.
Be firm in your belief in "YOU!"
Find your joy, peace, happiness, passion and self-esteem, because it is yours and yours alone. Once you embrace your Inner Power NEVER let go!

The Song Ends:
I'm moving on/Can't nothing stop me now/I'm pressing on/To higher ground/Each step I take/Is the new dawning of/A brand new day/For higher ground

Peace & Blessings

Words I Live By:
"Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take,
But By The Moments That Take Our Breath Away"

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  1. Do you sing this? Oh I would love to hear it!!!!


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