An Answered Prayer

There are many days when I just want to scream with joy! I truly believe that I am covered by the armor of the Lord.

example: We go into the grocery store and the first thing I notice is the prices have increased, yet again. I immediately assume that I will NOT have enough funds to get everything we need. But, I continue on my shopping journey praying for help. As the cashier is ringing everything up I still pray, but believing I will have to put some things up. I literally brace myself for the cashier to say $300, but instead she says $178! What! Are you serious?

I was not expecting that and I certainly was not expecting to save $72. It was nothing but divine intervention and I'm so grateful!

How about you? Do you ever become overly elated from the blessings you receive?

I found myself dancing at the checkout line. Dancing out of sheer joy and gratitude. A prayer was answered and in answering my prayer HE told me that HE loves me. Not that I didn't already know this, but it's still nice to hear or see it from time to time. HE loves me and I'm a better person for it. ☺

Driving around I noticed more beautiful things and still on cloud 9 from the save at the grocery store I couldn't help but to notice them.

Beautiful Sightings:
-Clouds in the sky (they fascinate me!)
-Tall palm trees
-A cute elderly lady walking her dog
-A couple walking and holding hands
-My princess and hubby running
-My $178 grocery bill! LOL

Lesson Learned Today:
Show Mercy - Even when someone has done you wrong show them a smile.

I'm Grateful For:
*A New Day
*Blessings & God's Love
*Unexpected Surprises
*Peace, Laughter & Possibilities
*My Talents
*My Readers


  1. What a fun post! :) I love waking up and having that blessing of knowing that Everything is gonna be alright... becuase it's a LOVELY DAY.. simply because He made it and you are alive to share it with him. The little blessings in the midst of heavier days help us to truly appreciate the big ones (like saving $72 at the check out!! ;) Wahoo! Thank ya Jesus! :) ). My mom always says "keep a song in your heart, a dance on your feet, and a smile on your face...because YOU make this world a better place. Remember that God made You for this time and this place with purpose and Love." And it reminds me that He gives me that song, legs to dance, and puts the smile on my face in order to share who He is with those around me today. :) Have a wonderful day sharing your smile and dance! ;)Thank you for checking out my site as well and you delightful comments of encouragement. :)

  2. Dear Tabby,
    What an uplift, this overcast morning in the Northwest, to read your post of praise!
    Thank you for sharing how tenderly and specifically He met yours and your family's needs. God rocks!
    Thank you, too, for visiting zany life and leaving such lovely comments.
    Looking forward to December and your participation in The 12 Days of Christmas!

  3. How wonderful! Yes, I have found myself dancing with joy! We are all so blessed! By the way, I just found this amazing video today...I posted a link on my blog...totally mind blowing!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. Gosh, that's nothing short of miraculous!
    I'll do that PRAISE HIM dance too...Let's celebrate!

  5. I recieved a wonderful blessing just today that made me want to dance! God is SO good!

  6. You have a truly beautiful heart. I think your attitude and bubbling love blesses God.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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